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For the 11th Day of XXX-Mas we got you: Peggy Barnett’s LIPS LIKE ICE

Earthling holidays got you bored? Never fear! For the 11th Day of XXX-Mas, we offer you Peggy Barnett’s sci-fi erotic romance Lips Like Ice. Use code XXXmasPlanet at checkout to get your copy for just 99¢, today only! (actually, the website glitched on this post so we may extend it for another 24 hours…but don’t wait too long!)

Lips Like Ice
Erotic science fiction at its best. Lydia awakens in the court of a strange fantasy-like world, where she discovers she's been taken to be a young alien noble's new pet. Her consuming lust for her captor creates a deep and unexpected conflict with her feminist sense of self--she wants him too, on her own terms. But in a world fraught with hidden dangers, her terms are not open for discussion.
Also available in paperback!

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Lips Like Ice by Peggy  Barnett

Lips Like Ice

by Peggy Barnett

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