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Cats of Circlet Press

It has been several years since we last ran our popular Cats (and Other ((Non-Human)) Pets) of Circlet Press feature, partially because our parentheses budget was exhausted after the last one. This year we have several dozen cats, dogs, and miscellaneous other beasties, and it will take us an entire week to post them all, so come back every day this week for more!

We’re adding a little twist this year: the best proposed caption for one of the photos will win  a copy of our limited-release Shapeshifter Ebook Bundle. You can give your caption in the comments  below (don’t forget to mark which picture it’s for) or use one of the innumerable online captioning tools like Meme Generator, ImgFlip, or Meme Maker.

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Feline Fetishes edited by corwin

ebook $5.99
ISBN: 9781613900789
25,440 words

Format :

The ebook edition is also available at: Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Amazon, & AllRomanceEbooks.

Why “feline fetishes?” A number of reasons. First, by challenging authors to write something that “connected the feline universe to the erotic one” we were assured that we wouldn’t be seeing anything typical or run-of-the-mill. Secondly, both the publisher and editor have a “thing” for cats. And third, there was something about the thought of feline erotica that just sounded right.

But of course there was. Our cultural references all connect the cat to the sexual, viz: common slang for the female genitalia, a sexuallv aggressive female is a “tigress,” but if she’s real cute she’s a “sex kitten,” a house of prostitution is a “cat house,” and so on. In pop culture the feline has always carried with it a certain air of eroticism. Think of Catwoman, the only woman Batman ever loved in the old comic book and TV show. (And now Tim Burton’s gone one more step to make her an SM/fetish goddess, up there with Emma Peel and Bettie Page). Or in the Billy Crystal film When Harry Met Sally, when the line “You made a woman meow!?” was delivered. Or the ultimate cat-lover’s film, Cat People. The 1980s remake of the classic film was billed as “an erotic thriller about the animal in us all.”

With stories of cat aliens, cat gods, cats who turn into humans, and more, these authors have made the connection between the feline universe and the erotic one explicit, exploring that juncture through fantasy and science fiction in a way it cannot be examined in the so-called real world.

Contains stories by Lauren P. Burka, K. A. Kristiansen, Mary Malmros, and Reina Delacroix.

Look under the cut for a hot excerpt…

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