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Mate by Lauren P Burka

ebook $2.99
ISBN 9781613900307
19,720 words

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Being a tale of love, pain, sex, relationships, and boring government jobs

Three short stories of erotic science fiction with a BDSM edge. Terry Montiero and d’Schane Grey are techies whose relationship is fueled by their chess game–a power game. Originally published in 1992 as a chapbook, the stories have been unavailable for years until this eBook revival. Fans of m/m will enjoy these characters thoroughly. 

On Wednesday Terry lost at chess.

He sat back in his chair and stared at the game board as it faded away. The program recorded his losing score. Terry didn’t lose often. His console prompted him with several unread mail messages, which he ignored. Removing the headset, Terry blinked as his eyes adjusted and stared about the office.

The C3A building, where Terry worked, was a modern, terraced office a bit smaller than a football field. The lowest and most central area held a fountain, grass, maple trees and a small bit of carefully reconstructed parkland. The walls were lined with the balconied offices of those important enough to merit privacy. High above, the polarized ceiling admitted the glare of the yellow, polluted, northern Virginia summer sky.

As Terry sat in his low-walled cubicle in the center of that glass cavern, he could never have known who was staring down from a curtained window, smiling in triumph, knowing something that Terry did not. The winner need not even be in the building, though the metachess server ran off a C3A machine. Access was easy to arrange from a remote site. Terry’s conqueror could have been at Caltech, for all he knew.

Terry was disturbed. Who on the Net was that good? Was it Daphne? Packing up his things for the day, Terry locked out the console and headed for the underground, deep in thought. Once out of the Classified area, Terry passed few people. On weekday nights the stores were nearly empty. Bored doormen lounged about the hotel entrances. A small pack of young punks clad in tight, old leather and bright new chains had spilled out of the Sense Arcade, daring the security guards to chase them away. One of them, vampire-pale and androgynous, turned and gestured a sexual come-on so blatant that Terry missed his step and walked into a potted plant. Stung by their laughter, and certain they could smell his confusion, Terry hurried down the mass transit entrance.

Metro had finally gotten climate control fixed in the subway. The station was cool and pleasant and smelled only slightly of sulphur. The aseptic walls and crisp advertisements were familiar and reassuring.

Terry’s train whisked out of the station and over the Potomac River. He looked back at the spidery mass of Crystal City, its hotels and DoD offices, restaurants built on expense account dining, and the hulking air-conditioned fortress of the Communication Authority. Terry wondered again about the metachess wizard who had beaten him. If it wasn’t Daphne, could it have been the same person who cracked the Gateway?

Daphne was already home, but scarcely lifted her head from her console when Terry came in.

“How was your day?” he asked.


Terry sighed and went to microwave dinner.

He knew why Daphne was so busy. Hers was the first class to graduate since the phone system disasters of ’12. The Government had been riding the new generation of computer geniuses hard, offering them unlimited loans if only they’d build the talent and discipline to keep the Net in one piece. After Daphne passed this last set of exams, she’d be bound to a civil service job for the next three years. How good a job depended on her GPA. Daphne was brilliant, first in her class, and likely to graduate with all honors.

Sometimes Terry wished she still had the time to love him.

At length Daphne logged out. She tipped her chair back against the wall and tapped her fingers against her knee. Her face was pale and her blonde hair greenish in the fluorescent light.

“I aced Queue Theory,” she said. “One more exam to go.”

“That’s good. I lost a game of metachess.”

She chewed the end of a stylus idly.

“I don’t know who to, either. They left no ID.”

Terry was watching Daphne. It could still be her. She had been known to lie.

“You ate?” he asked.

“Yeah. Ordered a pizza.”

Terry finished dinner and dumped the plate down the recycle bin.

“They’re bringing in the big guns on the Gateway security problem,” he offered. When she was silent, he continued hopefully. “They hired lots of outside consultants and are turning the whole Authority upside-down. All staff have been asked to submit to scan. My turn is tomorrow morning.”

She nodded as if to be polite.

And then, since words were useless, Terry went and knelt and pressed his head against her knee. She was quite still for a long time. He stole a glance upward at her face, and wasn’t sure what bothered him more, his sexual hunger or her indifference.

At last Daphne pushed him away and walked to the closet. Standing, she was taller than he, even in bare feet. Terry scarcely drew a breath as she dropped a handful of stuff on the couch.

“Come here and take your shirt off.”

Terry obeyed. Daphne clasped his wrists in a pair of handcuffs, then, pulling Terry down to his knees, padlocked them to the eye-bolt set in the bottom of the couch. Daphne dropped down to sit in front of him, her denim-clad legs spread wide, and pressed something unyielding against his lips. It was the rubber handle of her whip.

“Eat this,” she ordered.

Terry opened his mouth. Instantly Daphne shoved the whip handle against the back of his throat. He tilted his head and swallowed, feeling the tears drip down his face. He was never really sure what she got out of it, aside from the obvious dominance kick. Maybe that was enough. His own jeans were becoming unbearably tight.

Daphne fucked his mouth a few more times, then pulled the whip out, wiping the handle on Terry’s shirt. Then she stood up.

Terry rested his head against the edge of the couch. No matter how much he begged to be beaten with her three-tailed whip, the moment of terror before it struck was almost too much to bear. After she began, the rising adrenaline rush would wipe out his fear. Now he chewed his lips to keep from asking for mercy. One word and she’d release him, lose interest, and return to her console. And that wasn’t what he really wanted.

The first stroke of the whip bit into his back with the lazy deliberation of a cat at a scratching post. Terry cringed and closed his teeth on the couch. He could smell the oiled length of the whip as it cut the air, then his flesh. Blow followed blow, regular as clockwork. Daphne wasn’t strong, but her whip was nasty artillery. The fire in Terry’s skin consumed doubt and confusion like some live and hungry thing. Terry was getting hard, faster than the stoned feeling was emptying the thoughts out of his brain….

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Mate: And More Stories on the Erotic Edge of SF/Fantasy
Three short stories of erotic science fiction with a BDSM edge. Terry Montiero and d'Schane Grey are techies whose relationship is fueled by their chess game--a power game. Originally published in 1992 as a chapbook, the stories have been unavailable for years until this eBook revival. Fans of m/m will enjoy these characters thoroughly.

Like Twin Stars edited by Cecilia Tan & Kelly Clark

ebook $2.99
ISBN 9781885865861
20,850 words

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From the publisher of Best Bi Short Stories and the leader in erotic sf/fantasy, Circlet Press, comes LIKE TWIN STARS, collecting three hot stories exploring bisexuality through a fantastical lens. According to Scientific American, bisexual behavior is common in over 1500 species of animals on Earth, including humans, for whom it has greater social and personal consequences than it does for penguins, baboons, or garter snakes. Through worlds of fantasy, we can explore the erotic and social possibilities for a bisexual identity only available in flights of the imagination. Visit a tribal society where the men “dance” with each other in order to attract wives, a fantasy world where sexuality is only awakened by the visit of a succubus or incubus, and a future where the intersex characteristics in fish and other species caused by environmental changes in our day and age finally begin to present in human beings.

The Dancer’s War by N.K. Jemisin
Incubus, Succubus by Neil Hudson
The Travesties by Giselle Renarde

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Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords by Cecilia Tan

ebook $2.99
ISBN 9781885865731
33,820 words

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The book that started it all! The classic, groundbreaking chapbook of BDSM science fiction by Cecilia Tan, originally published in 1992, now available as an ebook! All three stories from the original collection are included, Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords, Cat Scratch Fever, and Heart’s Desire. Kinky, intense erotic love stories mixing bondage & domination with sci-fi/fantasy.

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Marketplace, The (Book 1 of The Marketplace) by Laura Antoniou

ebook $9.99
ISBN 9781885865564
paperback $19.95
ISBN 9781885865571
138,660 words; 318 pages

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We are very pleased and excited to be bringing back Laura Antoniou’s enchanting series of books about an underground secret society of owners, masters, mistresses, and their property: submissives, maids, butlers, and pleasure slaves. In the first volume, follow the trials and tribulations of four aspiring slaves as they undergo training hoping to be accepted into The Marketplace. Under the firm hand of Grendel, the sharp eye of Alexandra, and the painful leather strap in the hands of Chris, these men and women will find some of their hardest challenges come from within themselves.

The Marketplace is available as an ebook OR in a print-on-demand paperback edition. The ebook contains an all-new bonus story, “For the Want of a Nail,” in which Grendel and Alexandra decide to host a dinner party, and also includes the text of the bonus story from the Mystic Rose edition of The Marketplace, “A Leash Has Two Ends.” (The paperback has only the text of the novel.)

Fans of Circlet Press may notice one element of these incredible books, though, makes them somewhat different from most Circlet publications: they are not science fiction or fantasy. Thus we are launching a new imprint, Luster Editions, to publish books of alternative sexuality that do not have the sf/f genre element. These books still fit Circlet’s motto perfectly well: Celebrating the erotic imagination.

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About the Author: Laura Antoniou is the author of the well known Marketplace series of erotic novels. She has also edited the groundbreaking “Leatherwomen” anthologies, and several other collections of fiction and non-fiction. Her work has been translated into Spanish, German, Hebrew, Japanese and Korean. Many examples of her short fiction, articles, essays and rants can be found in the collection titled The Catalyst and Other Tales.
She is personally featured in Writing Below the Belt: Conversations with Erotic Authors by Michael Rowe and The Burning Pen: Sex Writers on Sex Writing, by M.Christian. Laura was also a columnist for Girlfriends magazine from 1995-1997, the submissions editor for Badboy and Bi-Curious magazines from 1995-96, and a regular contributor toThe SandMUtopia Guardian from 1993-2000.

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Part One: Chapter One, Excerpt from THE MARKETPLACE by Laura Antoniou

“May I serve you tea, ma’am?” The girl’s body was bent slightly forward in a subtle, exquisite, inquisitive posture. Her small white hands held the china teapot firmly, waiting for an answer. That was excellent, too. An untrained girl might have started pouring as soon as she asked the question. Continue reading Marketplace, The (Book 1 of The Marketplace) by Laura Antoniou

Royal Treatment by Cecilia Tan

ebook $3.99
ISBN 9781613900635
35,100 words

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About the Book:

In this novella-length prequel to Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords, Cecilia Tan weaves another BDSM science fiction tale. Arshan is a young noble on a world where dominance and submission are a way of life. In his travels he has taken full advantage of the carnal pleasures on offer, sowing wild oats across several planets and learning the joys of bondage and discipline from both sides of the whip in preparation for someday becoming a full-time master. He is summoned home, though, to join a group of candidates being convened so that the crown princess may choose a consort and a slave.

Arshan is not destined for slavery, not even at the feet of the future queen, and finds himself trapped in a world of castle intrigue and sexual competition for dominance. He is fresh meat, and everyone wants a piece of him. Can he find a way to survive without surrendering, to submit without being collared for life?

Warnings/Enticements: BDSM, bisexuality, power games, dubious consent, erotic jeopardy, knife play, D/s, explicit sex.

About the Author:

Cecilia Tan is “simply one of the most important writers, editors, and innovators in contemporary American erotic literature,” according to Susie Bright. Tan is the author of many books, including the ground-breaking erotic short story collections Black Feathers (HarperCollins), White Flames(Running Press), and Edge Plays(Circlet Press), and the erotica romances Mind Games, The Prince’s Boy, The Hot Streak, and the Magic University series. Forthcoming she has a three-book BDSM erotic romance series from Grand Central Publishing entitled Slow Surrender.

Her short stories have appeared in Ms. Magazine, Nerve, Best American Erotica, Asimov’s Science Fiction, and tons of other places. She was inducted into the Saints & Sinners Hall of Fame for GLBT writers in 2010, was a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Leather Association in 2001, and won the inaugural Rose & Bay Awards for crowdfunded fiction in 2010 for Daron’s Guitar Chronicles. The Prince’s Boy won honorable mention in both the NLA Writing Awards and the Rainbow Awards. She lives in the Boston area with her lifelong partner corwin and three cats.

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Like A Love Triangle edited by Kathleen Tudor

ebook $3.99
ISBN 9781613900963
20,540 words

Format :

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A collection of erotic stories for those who love threesomes, whether in real life or in the realm of imagination. Circlet Press’ new release, Like a Love Triangle, edited by Kathleen Tudor, features stories of love, lust, seduction, and expanding horizons in five stories as sexy as they are diverse. When the traditional image of love for many of us stops at one-plus-one, adding a third party to the bedroom entanglements might seem risky. But for those who know that love isn’t limited and that affection shared is only magnified, these stories will be a feast for the senses, an inspiration, and an erotic adventure.

Sometimes it takes more than one lover to keep up with a type A on a mission, which is why assistant Yuan teams up with android Song to make love to, distract, and relax their lover and boss, Rina, who has a hard time slowing down, in or out of the bedroom. It’s all for Her Own Good in this awesomely hot short by Kannan Feng.

In Double by Nobilis Reed, the android theme returns with Susan and her identical double… in every way except the plumbing! Her boyfriend is in for a real shock when he is introduced to her robotic twin’s cock, but he soon discovered the benefits of an extra pair of hands—and more—in bed.

Laylah Hunter takes things from robotic to downright alien when a pair of aliens known as atergan meet up with a human DJ named Static in her sky-high space station story, Scoring with Static.

The Space Inside by Emily Moreton takes things from the future to a fantastically styled past with three teammates on a quest, but their relationship goes beyond merely cooperative as they show the true meaning of working together in and out of bed.

Kathleen Tudor’s Sweet Summoning takes threesomes into the metaphysical realm when lovers Danielle and Molly try to summon an Egyptian Goddess of sensuality to spice up their love life… and get a deific possession and some divinely hot sex for their efforts.

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Erotofluidic Age, The by Vinnie Tesla

ebook $6.99
ISBN: 9781613900208
Paperback $12.95
ISBN: 978161390142
61,980 words

Format :

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The print edition is available through CreateSpace and Amazon.

The journey begins in “The Ontological Engine,” when Daedalus Tesla, a Victorian gentleman who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of Knowledge and Science, discovers the powers hidden within ontological forces. He realizes that, by harnessing the Vital Fluids collected from aroused men and women, he can power his invention, a machine known as the Ontological Engine. But the ontological forces are uncontrollable, and Daedalus finds himself in an unexpected predicament.

In “Miss Pierce’s Position,” Daedalus continues his story, giving us a glimpse into what happened to him after the suspenseful ending of “The Ontological Engine.” Much to his chagrin, another engineer is brought in to assist him with his problem—a woman engineer. Despite his Victorian-era prejudices, he puts up with Miss Pierce’s presence in his laboratory so long as she doesn’t know the real purpose of his machine—that is, until she begins to ask questions and gain the upper hand.

“The Terminando” adds another dimension to the world Tesla has created, as we quickly realize that this time it is narrated from the perspective of Daedalus’s assistant, Victor. Victor, along with Daedalus’s “nephew,” the Geoduck Dewey, has found himself in dire straits, in another ontosphere altogether, a kind of parallel universe. It is up to him to adapt to the strange ’sphere he has found himself in, to understand the ways of the violas, and to put together a solution in time to save the world from certain ontological destruction.

About the author: Vinnie Tesla has worked (or at least drawn a paycheck) as a white- water guide, information architect, bicycle deliveryman (by, not of), porn video reviewer, and desktop publisher. His purchase, in adolescence, of a mass-market paperback of The Pearl was undoubtedly the pivotal event that turned him towards his calling as a fake Victorian pornographer. His subsequent internship at Circlet Press was just the icing on the cake. He has an intermittent blog at journal.vinnietesla.com and a bunch of free fiction online at vinnietesla.com/stories, including Victim/Vic- torian, the pornographic novella to which The Erotofluidic Age is a prequel. He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with his spousalbeast.
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House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter

ebook $5.99
ISBN: 9781613900901
Paperback: $14.95
ISBN: 9781613900987
90,940 words

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*A Finalist for the Maggie Award for Excellence in Erotic Romance*

From Passionate Plume award finalist Elizabeth Schechter comes a steampunk novel of dark passion. In a respectable neighbourhood, on the top floor of a beautiful house, crouches the Succubus; by design, and by temperament, she is all that men crave and fear. To the wealthy and privileged men of London, the Succubus is a test they must pass to gain access to the House of Sable Locks, the most exclusive brothel in town. However, to William, a wealthy young man born and raised in India, she is the very essence of his desires.

William is recovering from the loss of everything he knows and loves when he first meets the Succubus. With great care she tears him apart… and he falls in love again. But their idyll cannot last: there is a killer loose in London, and the darkness of William’s past is about to collide with the terror of his present.

Based on the story “The Succubus” from the acclaimed erotic steampunk anthology Like Clockwork, HOUSE OF SABLE LOCKS lets us enter the mysterious brothel readers previously only had a glimpse of.

About the Author

Elizabeth Schechter was born in New York at some point in the past. She is officially old enough to know better, but refuses to grow up. She has been, at various points in her life, a jeweler, an artist, a counselor, a minister, a fitness instructor, a singer, counter-person in a coffee-shop, a lab tech, a research assistant, quarter-staff master, a daycare worker, a high school English teacher, a kindergarten teacher, a stay-at-home-mom, an editor, and a writer. She firmly believes in the Heinlein adage that specialization is for insects, and is still working on the tinker, tailor, soldier, and spy parts of the list.

Elizabeth lives in Central Florida with her husband and son, and a most accepting circle of friends who are both very amused and very proud of the pervy, fetish writer in their midst.

Elizabeth can be found online at http://easchechter.wordpress.com/, or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Elizabeth.A.Schechter.

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Capricious by Julie Cox

Capricious cover thumbnailEbook $6.99
ISBN 9781613901106
Paperback $14.95
ISBN 9781613901113
304 pages; 82,760 words

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Welcome to Fox Pass, Texas, a small community where the people are friendly and the mythical creatures aren’t so mythical after all. In Julie Cox’s Capricious: A Texan Tale of Love and Magic, satyr and Fox Pass native Luke is settled into a comfortable routine of drinking beer with his best friend, cultivating his small plot of land, recharging the raw sexual energy that fuels his magic, and willfully ignoring his feelings for his friend Sally. But Luke’s daily life is thrown into disarray when he becomes the target of mysterious enemies who won’t hesitate to hurt his fellow myth-folk to get to him. With the help of his friends, and some earthshaking satyr magic, Luke works to protect his town—and sort out his feelings for Sally—before it’s too late.

About the author: Julie Cox is the author of Chasing Tail and numerous short stories in Circlet Press erotica anthologies. She lives in Texas with her husband, children, and ever-expanding menagerie of animals on their farm. She runs a small online yarn business and teaches yarn spinning. She has numerous stories published with Circlet Press and elsewhere. For her full list of published works, see her website at www.lazypifarm.com.

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