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Circlet Press is now an imprint of Riverdale Avenue Books

Well, folks, it took us a while to work out the details of the deal, but our much-talked about acquisition by Riverdale Avenue Books has taken place! You can find a nice article about it in Publishers Weekly (https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/publisher-news/article/82529-riverdale-avenue-books-acquires-circlet-press.html).

I couldn’t ask for a better partner in keeping the Circlet flame burning than Lori Perkins, whose vision of erotica as a liberating force matches mine. She founded Riverdale Avenue Books in 2012 when the landscape of publishing was changing drastically (again!) and RAB is the perfect home for Circlet’s catalog of titles. RAB is an award-winning, innovative hybrid publisher with 13 imprints, including Desire (erotica/erotic romance), Riverdale/Magnus the award-winning imprint of LGBT titles, SFF (science fiction/fantasy), and many others which are so very compatible with Circlet’s quality, values, and subject matter. They had published some new editions of some older Circlet material, like the Circlet Treasury of Erotic Alice in Wonderland (which combined two Circlet ebooks on the subject) and the Circlet Treasury of Erotic Steampunk (three ebooks in one). Now RAB will be the custodians of the entire backlist, as well as the publishers of new, forthcoming material.

The first title launching since the deal closed will be THE EIDOLON INITIATIVE, an erotic mad science graphic novel from the twisted mind of Vinnie Tesla (The Ontological Engine). Within the next few months readers can also expect a passionate tale of gay cyborg love and politics entitled CYGENIC from author Monique Poirier (This World Between) and a sequel to the consentacle space opera romp MONSTER WHISPERER from Nobilis Reed (Like a Whisper In Your Ear).

Stay tuned for more excellent erotic sf/fantasy in our future!

-Cecilia Tan
Founder, and still Editor