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Steampunk Bundle Teasers #3: Miss Pierce’s Position

There’s barely more than a week left before the Steampunk Bundle disappears! In the lead-up to that heartbreaking moment, we’ll be running some hot excerpts from each of the volumes in the bundle. Our third excerpt is from The Erotofluidic Age by Vinnie Tesla, from the second story, “Miss Pierce’s Position.” This passage does contain implicit spoilers for the first story in the series, so if you have the book already but haven’t read it yet, you may wish to hold off on reading this.

The Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle
Five full books! Circlet Press's steamiest steampunk works all in one bundle. A discreet brothel staffed by robots. A theatre that enacts your most secret fantasies. A mad scientist whose machines are powered by human arousal. And more. Each of the stylish, sexy, and surprising books here takes Victorian science fiction to delicious new places!

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“Ah, Daedalus,” the new Mrs. Dalrymple sighed, “if it is any comfort, you do make rather a handsome Geoduck.”
As she spoke, she gently stroked along the length of my siphon, her soft fingers producing powerful sensations along my bare, wrinkled skin. I found myself shivering slightly under her touch.
“The time in London was lovely, but it was awfully lonely just Victor and me,” she said softly. “I have been looking forward to having my dear friends about me again.” She leaned down and kissed me softly on the top of my siphon.
Her breath seemed at that moment unutterably sweet, full of thrilling promise. I felt the heat rising from her skin, causing my own to prickle and warm in sympathy. My Geoduck senses, attuned to detect the immaterial substance of human arousal itself, caused her to fairly glow with a thrilling radiance. I could see her skin flush and her eyes sparkle as my prehensile siphon swelled beneath her hand, thickening and lengthening slightly as its wrinkles smoothed and its limberness gave way to near rigidity.
At that moment, Dewey appeared at the end of the corridor. “Uncle,” he said, “is Miss Pierce still–”
His voice broke the spell of Eleanor’s intoxicating proximity, and I sprang into the air, flying gracelessly towards the shelter of my nephew and the relief from temptation that he appeared to offer. He held out his arms for me to land on, then attempted to stroke me soothingly once I had perched. Another overwhelming wave of unwelcome pleasure overtook me. DON’T, I squawked, and he withdrew his hand apologetically.
A moment later, I was fairly crushed between two bosoms as Eleanor embraced Dewey, peppering his face with affectionate kisses. “Oh, Dewey, dear boy! How I have missed you!” she exclaimed.
It would perhaps be best to explain at this juncture that Eleanor is endowed by Nature with a temperament warm and generous almost to a fault, a quality which has served only to endear her the further to her husband, who, secure in her affections, permits her the greatest freedom in what other enjoyments she pursues.
In this case, however, the pursuit offered little enough sport, with the game fairly caught ere the first horn had been blown. Seducing my nephew is no great challenge for near any biped with a mind to do so, and Dewey’s acquaintance with Mrs. Dalrymple had been of the very warmest sort since before his elevation to the human race.
“Eleanor,” he gasped, “your kisses make me quite giddy.”
“Come, Dewey,” she answered, taking him firmly by the hand, “let us waste no time in renewing our friendship.”
Wherewith, she pulled him, stumbling, in the direction of her and Victor’s bedroom. I struggled to free myself from his grasp, but he had apparently been rendered insensible to my very existence.
In a moment she had dragged him into the room and was prodding him towards the bed. Release me this very instant! I quacked, and he absentmindedly complied, tumbling me painfully to the floor just as the door swung shut behind Eleanor’s impatiently flung heel.
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