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Shapeshifter Bundle Teasers #3: Chasing Tail by Julie Cox

The clock is running down on our shapeshifter ebook bundle! You can buy it from us right here for $5.99:

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or at Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc etc etc.

Today’s steamy excerpt is from Julie Cox’s fix-up Chasing Tail, about the life of Fox Pass, a small Arkansas town where most of the residents are different sorts of shapeshifters. This is from the second story in the collection, Channeling Chiron:

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Shapeshifter Bundle Teasers #1: One Saved to the Sea by Catt Kingsgrave

This is the final month we’re offering our bargain-priced five-book shapeshifter ebook bundle. This week we’ll be posting a daily steamy excerpt  to give you a taste of how much awesome stuff is inside.

You can buy it right here for $5.99:

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or at your favorite e-book stores, such as Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, or Barnes & Noble.

We start with Catt Kingsgrave’s lesbian love story set in the Orkney Islands, One Saved to the Sea:

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All proceeds from A.R. Morlan’s erotica to go to Catkins Animal Rescue

As some of you know from the news that rocketed around the sf/f writing community in January, longtime Circlet Press author Renee M. Charles, who was well known within all the sf/f small presses as A.R. Morlan, committed suicide. I wrote a remembrance of her upon hearing of her death (read it here: and we made her books free to download for the past three months as a way to keep her memory alive.

At this point we’re putting them back to regular sale, although I’ll keep the price discounted from $5.99 to $2.99, and I’ve been in touch with a no-kill cat and animal rescue organization in Wisconsin to become the recipients of all future royalties: Catkins Animal Rescue. We chose Catkins as the beneficiary because A.R. truly loved her cats as her family and only a no-kill shelter would have received her approval.

The two books are for sale on all regular ebook retail channels as well here on, so please purchase them on whichever site you prefer. And thank you for keeping the lushly wild imagination of A.R. Morlan alive.

Read an excerpt from Cinnamon Roses: or purchase from Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Amazon, or AllRomanceEbooks.

Read an excerpt from Shades of Pleasure: or purchase from Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, or Kobo, Amazon. Continue reading All proceeds from A.R. Morlan’s erotica to go to Catkins Animal Rescue

Steampunk Bundle Teasers #2: The Other Library

There’s less than a month left before the Steampunk Bundle disappears. In the lead-up to that heartbreaking moment, we’ll be running some hot excerpts from each of the volumes in the bundle. Our second excerpt is from The Innocent’s Progress by Peter Tupper, from the second story, “The Pretty Horsebreaker.”

The Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle
Five full books! Circlet Press's steamiest steampunk works all in one bundle. A discreet brothel staffed by robots. A theatre that enacts your most secret fantasies. A mad scientist whose machines are powered by human arousal. And more. Each of the stylish, sexy, and surprising books here takes Victorian science fiction to delicious new places!

(also available at Amazon, iBooks/iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Noble)

The Other Library

Miss Ccri sang “Pirate Jenny” loudly as she drove the auto-carriage up and down the rolling hills of the countryside, swerving around the odd hay wagon or dog cart on the narrow lanes.
She parked it outside the Hough estate’s gated entrance, noting the well-tended grounds and stately manor house. After lifting her goggles above her cap’s brim and a quick touchup of her face powder, she walked up the driveway to the front entrance, wondering if Lord Hough’s neighbors had any inkling of the contents of this house. Decency wouldn’t dare nose about here.
Miss Ccri lifted the wrought iron knocker on the front door and rapped it, twice.
A maid opened the door a crack, whispered, “‘Round the side, mahm,” and shut it hastily.
So that was how it was going to be, was it? Frowning, Miss Ccri walked around to the side of the house, found the service entrance and knocked, this time with the handle of her umbrella.
The same maid ushered her into a side hall. “I didn’t get your brolly, mahm,” said the maid, hand outstretched.
“That is correct,” said Miss Ccri lightly. “Is this the way?”
She found Lord Hough in the next hallway. His white hair and beard contrasted with his large size and energetic manner. “Ah, Miss Ccri, welcome!” He took her hand in his large, bony grasp and kissed it lightly. “Please excuse this minor diversion. Neighbors, what?”
Lord Hough led her through an impressively large library to a heavy door made of iron-shod oak. He took a key off his watch chain, unlocked the door, and with some effort pushed it open. “We all have our little hobbies,” he told her.
“I enjoy needlepoint,” she answered, and followed him inside.
The door swung shut behind her with a distressingly solid sound, enough to make Miss Ccri immediately search for another exit. Instead, she found a naked girl, holding an amphora.
“A statue?” she said, examining the eerily lifelike paint on the marble. Apart from the lack of motion, the only real giveaway was the gilded pubic hair.
“Delightful, what? That’s how the ancients actually displayed them.” He blew a kiss to the statue as he walked past. “Come along.”
As she followed him through the stacks and past barred, frosted windows, he pointed out various volumes. “Aretin… Meibo… Argen… Prevo… Dider… Volt… Saad, of course.”
“Of course,” she said.
“And here, from the Orient: The Thread of Desire, The Boat in the Sea of Love—only in translation, alas—and some others. Our nation’s contribution to the field is over there,” he said, pointing at another set of shelves. “Clel, Swynne, and of course the late Lord Yron. The finest collection in the Empire, nay, the world, regardless of what that vulture Aysche would tell you.”
“I can’t imagine there’s any comparison,” she said, flattering him out of habit.
They came to what seemed to be the primary work area. A difference engine in a glass case clicked and sparked to itself. Lord Hough pulled on a pair of white cloth gloves. “Let us see our subject.” He extended a large hand to her.
She removed the book from her clutch and gave it to him. “My uncle passed on recently, and all he left me were the contents of his foot locker. The only thing of any potential value is this. I’m in some financial embarrassment at the moment, and I hope it would be legal to sell.” It was a carefully crafted story: the promise of a rare edition, sweetened with a little “damsel in distress.” If Hough did detect the forgery, she could plausibly feign ignorance. She didn’t share Carrig’s confidence in his works.
Lord Hough held the book by his fingertips, turning it around, then actually sniffed it. “Rag paper, not the cheap pulp you find these days.” He opened it. “Typeface is period.” He turned away from her and placed the book directly beneath an electric light. “Hrrm… haaah…” he muttered, examining the book with the aid of a magnifying glass.
As he worked, Miss Ccri tried to look about unobtrusively. She had hoped that she might find the Braen manuscript just on a desk, but she had underestimated the sheer size of the collection. She had scanned only one of the bookcases when Lord Hough spoke up.
“I regret that you have been deceived, Miss Ccri,” he said. “An excellent forgery, but a forgery nonetheless.”
“Are you sure?” she said, the right note of dismay and disbelief in her voice.
“Quite. There are too many counterfeits in circulation, impeding the study of this field. Now, why don’t you tell me why you’re really here?”
“I don’t know what you mean, my lord.”
“You were not browsing. You were looking for something in particular. Whose cat’s paw are you? Aysche? Swynne?”
She decided to abandon the ruse. “I was looking for Captain Braen’s manuscript. I have been retained by an interested party—”
“Ah, the widow. She’s more persistent than I thought.”
Miss Ccri believed too strongly in her clients’ privacy to give the game away. “—to obtain the twenty-first chapter. I am willing to negotiate its purchase.”
“No.” He sat back in his chair.
“May I ask why not?”
“Braen’s moments of genius would only be misunderstood by lesser minds, as would his more frequent moments of folly. Releasing the manuscript to the public would result in either its destruction by Decency and a great loss to scholarship, or in the corruption of the lower classes and the tarnishing of Captain Braen’s already dubious reputation. The best place for it is in my collection, where it will be circulated amongst those who are intellectually prepared for such ideas. I will show it to a gathering of like-minded gentlemen tomorrow night.”
“Obviously, your lordship will be unmoved by gross coin. I can offer you something in exchange for the manuscript.
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New product: Gift Certificates!

Single-book gift certificate
Single-book gift certificate
Special holiday gift certificate deal! Give a friend (or yourself) the gift of smut. This certificate entitles you to any one Circlet e-book.

Four-book gift certificate
Four-book gift certificate
Special holiday gift certificate deal! Give a friend (or yourself) the gift of smut. This certificate entitles you to any four Circlet e-books.

A little behind on your holiday shopping? We might be able to help you out! We’re making it easier (and cheaper) than ever to give the gift of smut this holiday with two new gift certificates. For $2.99, you get a code good for any one Circlet e-book, most of which usually sell for $6-7. Or, for $9.99, you get any four Circlet e-books.

You can email your friend the certificate, print it out and stuff it in their stocking, or, if you’re a secret admirer, drop us a line and we’ll mail them the certificate ourselves.

If you’re introducing your friend to Circlet, you might want to include a recommendation for what books to get. Here are a few suggestions:

One Book

  • The limited-edition Steampunk Bundle is over 1300 pages of steamy Victorian goodness, and, with the gift certificate, is over 90% (!!) off the normal price.
  • Laura Antoniou’s BDSM classic The Marketplace remains one of our most popular books ever. And if you’re already a fan, the gigantic latest volume in the series, The Inheritor, is freshly out this year.
  • Fantastic Erotica celebrates the first decade of Circlet e-books. Nineteen stories by Circlet’s most popular writers!
  • Jingle Balls collects nine holiday-themed sexy stories in one fun little package.

Four Book Roll-Your-Own Bundles

New Book: The Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle

The Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle
Five full books! Circlet Press's steamiest steampunk works all in one bundle. A discreet brothel staffed by robots. A theatre that enacts your most secret fantasies. A mad scientist whose machines are powered by human arousal. And more. Each of the stylish, sexy, and surprising books here takes Victorian science fiction to delicious new places!

The House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter
The Innocent’s Progress by Peter Tupper
The Erotofluidic Age by Vinnie Tesla
1901: A Steam Odyssey by Lionel Bramble
Like a Wisp of Steam Edited by J. Blackmore, with stories by Thomas Roche, Vanessa Vaughn, Jason Rubis and Kaysee Renee Robicaud

ISBN: 9781613901571
Price: $26.96
Also available at Amazon, iBooks/iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Noble
This bundle is only available until February 15, 2016!

House of Sable Locks

“A powerful, sexy exploration of slavery, submission, and humanity from an author who wields both plot and prose with accuracy and total confidence.”—BDSM Book Reviews

“Elizabeth Schechter fuses diverse genres with such artful subtlety that we barely notice the genius at work before our eyes. Steampunk, erotica, fairytale romance, horror, sci-fi; Schechter does it all so deftly, blends it all so seamlessly, we are left wondering by what weird and wonderful magic such stories are created. “—Big Brain Erotica

The Innocent’s Progress
“Unabashedly badass, and viscerally satisfying. I wish I had written it.”—Amanda Gannon, Adventurotica

“I simply adored this book. It was written with seamless transitions, was fast paced, yet still had the feel of a truly Victorian work of fiction blended with all those lovely little anachronistic details we Steampunks look to see in our literature. I plan to add more of Mr. Tuppers work to my collection in the near future, and I suggest you do the same!”—Talloolah Love, Steampunk Chronicle

“When the characters engage in sex, love-making, or fucking, it’s steamy reading, all puns intended…Tupper’s a damn smart writer, and anyone who dismisses The Innocent’s Progress as just erotica might say The Dark Knight is just a comic book movie.”—Steampunk Scholar

“Peter Tupper’s story…is quite simply the best erotica I’ve ever read.”—Graydancer, author of Nawashi

The Erotofluidic Age
“Utterly perverse…This is really one of the best erotic books I have ever read–it’s funny, engaging, the characters are well-drawn, and the wide variety of sexy times are really, really, really hot.”—Natalie Luhrs,

“A great merry romp of steampunk-era erotic mad science… It takes a deft touch to blend comedy, pornography and science fiction like this.”—Iago Faustus,

1901: A Steam Odyssey
“The story is infused with such glee and charm…Not only is the premise fresh, but it is superbly executed. There isn’t a false step anywhere. Inventive, imaginative, saucy, naughty; 1901: A Steam Odyssey is all that and more.”—Kathleeen Bradean, Erotica Revealed

“[An] enormously entertaining debut novel.”—Cynthia Ward, Ambling Along the Aqueduct

Announcing the Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle!

boxrc3We’re trying something new this month with our very first ebook boxed set. And we’re going in big with four of our favorite Steampunk novels all for $5.99–the normal price for one of these books–with the short-story collection that started our Steampunk obsession thrown in as a bonus.

We’re including the award-winning House of Sable Locks by Elizabeth Schechter, the critically acclaimed Innocent’s Progress by Peter Tupper, the bizarre and witty Erotofludic Age by Vinnie Tesla, and the exuberantly swashbuckling 1901: A Steam Odyssey by Lionel Bramble; along with Like a Wisp of Steam, edited by J. Blackmore.

But this bundle won’t be around forever–it goes on sale on November 15th, and will only be available until February 15th.

Preorders are open now at Amazon and Smashwords. And to get the word out, we’re giving away five copies free for nothing! Sign up to win below:
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A spooky special, just for you!

Hello to all the boys, ghouls, and other creatures out there! Have you noticed the weather getting cooler? Perhaps it’s just a chill — Like A Chill Down Your Spine, say.

If you find the sensation delicious, then it’s your lucky day. This month only, you can buy the anthology for 31% off, until October 31st. Just put in code SPOOKY at checkout for the deal.

Like A Chill Down Your Spine: Erotic Ghost Stories
edited by Artemis Savory
A well-told ghost story should send a chill--or a thrill--to your very core. In the erotic landscape of the supernatural, who better to bring that thrill than ethereal spirits, the shades of unfulfilled lovers, or the poltergeists of mischief? Stories by Pushcart Prize nominee Trish DeVene, Angela Goldsberry, T.C. Mill, Annabeth Leong, Kimber Vale, David Hubbard, and Cristofer Darius Arthur.

Flesh Made Word Made Freebie

Over at Goodreads, we’re giving away five print copies of The Flesh Made Word, our new collection of erotic stories about writers and writing. You have one month to sign up, but why wait?

Goodreads Book Giveaway

The Flesh Made Word by Bernie Mojzes

The Flesh Made Word

by Bernie Mojzes

Giveaway ends July 15, 2015.

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