Choose your favorite cover for a coffee-themed erotica book

So, editor Victoria Pond has put together an absolutely delicious-themed delight for the senses… I mean, an anthology of erotica with a coffee theme! We’re trying to decide which of the following two images we should use. Please vote for your favorite, Burlap sack of coffee or In Love with coffee, in the poll below, and leave your thoughts and comments as well! One lucky commenter will receive a free copy of the ebook in thanks! (Deadline for entries June 30th!)

If you just can’t wait to get your hands on the anthology, you can pre-order it from Smashwords or click here to add it to your To Be Read list on Goodeads!


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Taste the bitter roast when a barista brews alone at closing time and is joined by coffee’s physical manifestation. Roll the rich smoothness of steamed milk along your tongue while spies hide from the enemy and pass the time in tense pleasure. In this anthology of speculative erotic fiction featuring coffee shops, COFFEE: HOT, editor Victoria Pond brings together nine authors to explore coffee’s connection with the erotic fantastic.

Alcohol and erotica were frequent bedfellows in the 20th century, but now we’re well into the 21st! Imbibing caffeine causes no hazy field of impaired judgement, and coffee shops are places to stimulate the mind and to socialize with all sorts.

This volume contains stories ranging from Victorian London to a far-flung space station, from the quiet to the action-packed, from two-person sex to tentacles. (Wondering how there can be coffee shop erotica with tentacles? Read “Dark Roast” by Justin Josh to find out.)

Readers love curling up in oversized plush chars to read in cafes. Authors are drawn to working in coffee shops. But what hides beneath the milk-steamy surface of this glorious addiction? In a world where everyone is over-familiar with the steamer’s whir and the roaster’s aroma, drinkers forget to stroke the glazed porcelain that holds their caffeine and radiates its warmth through their hands and into their hearts.

COFFEE: HOT features work by Django Wexler, Rebecca Croteau, Owen James Franks, Justin Josh, Axa Lee, K.L. Noone, JJ Poulos, Greer Thompson, and Avery Vanderlyle. Their stories take a setting we know so well and transform it into something magical once again.

45 thoughts on “Choose your favorite cover for a coffee-themed erotica book”

  1. If choosing between the two images as a whole, uncropped, I prefer the woman with the burlap sack.

    However, I think the second image, if cropped to just the hands and the heart-shaped beans, would look much better than either uncropped image.

  2. I love the deep choco-coffee tones in Burlap Sack. Her makeup palette makes my mouth water. I’m also uncomfortable with how In Love is looking right at me. I suppose it could be cropped, though?

  3. I agree that the right image would be much improved cropped, but I also think that the left image is far sexier regardless. Her makeup is gorgeous, and the combination of her closed eyes and the flush to her cheeks is very evocative.

  4. I’m in the minority then, I love how the model is looking right at you in the coffee heart picture. Don’t be ashamed to show love for this intersection! I also love how the color of her hair echoes the colors in the beans.

  5. I agree the left is more erotic and evocative. But a cover’s purpose is to snag a potential reader, and the direct look does that job better.
    While the heart shape may be overdone in the graphic world, the inverted position restores it to a more explicit sexual connection.

  6. You all had such fantastic comments! Ultimately we were swayed by the heavy majority vote toward the burlap sack image, so that’s what we’re going for, but I’m going to declare you all winners and give each of you the ebook as soon as it’s finished! (2-3 weeks from now!)

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