The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 68

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

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68: Jorin


We rode for two days west, and then turned northward, moving parallel to the Serde but not daring to go all the way to the river. We traveled slowly at night, but with less fear of discovery than in the daytime. We could trust no one. We were both wanted criminals now, traitors to the crown, and there was no way to tell of those we might encounter where their loyalties lay.

As we settled to sleep at the edge of a copse of trees, with dawn just lightening the sky, I asked, “How did you get to camp that first time?”

“Be more specific, my dear,” he said, “lest men of intelligence think you a dunce.”

“When Kan summoned you to bond with me,” I said. It seemed so long ago. “You arrived fully dressed, and without a… a horse.”

“Ah. I set him free. That boy had outgrown his usefulness, and I sent him back to his family with my blessings. That was a two-part spell, with Kan performing half, and me performing half.”

His answer only raised more questions. “But how did you know to perform your half?”

“Kan and I had a method of communication, but it no longer works.”

I simply remained silent at that, wondering if he could resist saying more.

He could not. Sergetten was a tutor after all. “There are moments when two men who are connected intimately through Night Magic can almost hear each other’s voices. It’s difficult to do, and imprecise, and it takes a man who knows himself well to be able to discern the difference between his own voice in his head and that of his lover, but when it works…”

“You and Kan were lovers?”

“You think it’s possible to instruct someone in Night Magic and not be?”

“Oh.” He was right; I was not surprised in the least, and yet I’d felt the need to blurt it out. I could not imagine Kan playing the part of slave, even for the sake of power, but I supposed he must have. “Of course. But then, if you could hear his voice in your head, why doesn’t it work any longer?”

He pressed his lips against my temple. “Because I am bonded to you.” He said it tenderly, without any hint of resentment, but I remembered how bitter and angry he had been when we had first bonded.

I did not know what to say, but I felt I had to say something. “I… I had no idea of the sacrifices you were making… on my behalf.”

“Kan had left me no choice,” he murmured. “He had made a mess that only I could clean up. That I… held you in such low esteem only made it worse. And…” But then he fell silent and said no more.

I pressed a kiss against the underside of his chin. “Take my voice for a day if I say too much, now…” I began, then went on before he could argue. “I never understood why you hated me so. That was before I knew you had been Korl’s la’adraan… but knowing that, Sergetten, I understand it even less.”

“You think we are alike, you and I,” he said, voice rough, “but we are not. Think over what you know and you will see that. No, wait. Do not think over the past. Who we were matters little now. Who we will become is tantamount.”

“What do you mean?”

“You are la’adraan no longer, Jorin. Do you imagine that if we rid the world of the corrupt mage that things will return to the way they were? You and Kenet are both too old for that.”

“We thought… I would be his guard when he was king,” I said.

Sergetten chuckled. “And that you shall be, but you will be much more. If what our enemy told me is true, you and Kenet will be bonded even more strongly than you and I.”

My heart kicked in my chest. Did that mean that when Kenet took a wife, and sired his own sons, that I would keep a place not just at his side, but… but as a lover? Even as a slave? “I would wear Kenet’s collar without hesitation,” I said.

This pronouncement caused Sergetten to cough, as if his chuckle had caught in his throat. “You…” he wheezed, then laughed again.

“What? You said yourself, long ago, that our bond is… is preparation for my bond with him. That you are training me for him.”

He gasped for breath and kissed me then, only speaking after he had mastered himself once more. “I have told you far too much and far too little,” he said. “Jorin, think. When you bond with Kenet, it is not you who will wear the collar.”

I blinked as if lightning-struck, looking up into the sky over our heads, which was turning bluer with every passing moment. Yes. That made so much more sense. I sucked in a breath as a vivid memory of Kenet writhing under me, his cock in my hand and his voice sweetly begging me for release, swept through me.

“You see it now,” Sergetten said, cupping my cheek for a moment before settling back and holding me close again. My cock had sprung to life at the memory, but if Sergetten knew it he did nothing.

“I see it,” I agreed. “But isn’t that… backwards? He’s royalty.” Yes, we had played games in the night in our bed, but could I ever strike him or make him kneel before me? I could picture him there, though, kneeling in front of me, his lips parting in anticipation of suckling me…

“Indeed, he is of royal blood, but the mage has been shaping him to be a night-bound slave—I believe ever since his birth. Perhaps even since his conception. Even without bonding Kenet fully, our enemy was already able to use Kenet’s blood and milk to make himself the most powerful Night mage that has ever walked the land. If he bonds with Kenet he will make himself even more than a king.”

I shivered as my cock throbbed with part memory of Kenet’s mouth on me and part fantasy of what it would be like to take hold of his head and push myself in, just past his resistance. “Were we fools not to see what he was doing to Kenet earlier?”

“Hush. I said you should think about the future, not the past. There was no way we could have suspected what his plans were. If I was suspicious of anything, I thought perhaps he had designs on Korl, but I came to think that was merely jealousy on my part.”

I sensed there was much more of a story there, but his voice was already thick with regret and I had no wish to make him suffer. “What will happen when I bond to Kenet?”

“I do not know exactly,” he admitted. “He has been prepared with powerful magic. And yet if all I have heard is true, the prince still defied his enemy enough to escape.”

“How could that be? Is Kenet very strong?”

“I think…” Sergetten said slowly, “that perhaps his love for you, or you for him, is what gave him the strength to resist. This gives me hope that your bond will be strong and true. However, you must realize there will be times you will have to be merciless with him. When he rules all of Trest, you will still rule him, Jorin. He will need your hand to be firm at times. And he will certain need this.”

I sucked in a breath as Sergetten’s hand cupped my cock through my riding trousers.

“You will need to learn to wield this weapon with both passion and finesse,” Sergetten said. “I am certain that the training Kenet received shaped him magically to depend a great deal upon his master. And that includes needing your flesh in his flesh, and your milk inside him.”

I remembered too well the aching need for a cock inside me from my days with Kan. “You know I would never deprive him.”

“Ah, except when you must discipline him.” He slipped his hand now into my trousers and wrapped his fingers around my cock. “You must not allow him to become a spoiled slut. If you give in to his every whimper for sex, which one of you will be the master and which the whoreslave? Recite for me the forms of discipline.”

I drew a breath through my teeth in disbelief for a moment that he chose now for a lesson, but in the next moment I remembered what he was talking about. Yes, he had taught me this, though I had not realized it was a lesson at the time! “Deprivation, endurance, corporal punishment…” I knew there were more. What were they? “Um…” He tugged at my cock with deft strokes, distracting me terribly. “Um, humiliation?”

“You are forgetting one in particular, which humiliation may be a part of, if you feel shame over what you do,” he said.

“Oh. Sexual… suffering.”

“Just so. Your least favorite of the types.”

“But your most favorite,” I said, shuddering as he used his thumbnail to scrape across the most sensitive part of the head of my cock.

“Perhaps,” he allowed. “The sexual is the most directly connected to Night Magic, of course. Hm. You will need to practice the bonding ritual.”

“Is there a great deal more involved than just… just…”

“Just sticking your cock into him? Only a bit. The main thing is you must practice spearing him in one swift thrust.”

“I… I have never speared anyone.”

“Never? None of those horny milksuckers among the Night Riders ever rode your cock?”

“No. No, I was always the receptive one.”

“Thunder’s roll. When we reach camp you shall have to practice.”


“Yes, dear. Now tell me, whose arse would you like to bury yourself in first? Who entices you the most? I would bet most of them would happily fall upon your sword.”

He was not making it easy to answer, tugging and stroking my cock every which way now, making my hips jerk. I could barely speak, but I managed to get out, “Kan. Kan is… he… he reminds me of Kenet.”

“That is all to the good. The more you picture yourself taking Kenet, the smoother it shall proceed….”

I clutched at him then, on the verge of spilling, but recalling he relied on me to control myself. I held back while he drew inexorable, slick strokes of my flesh. Finally I began to beg, “Please may I spill, master? So close, please sir, oh please now…”

He clucked his tongue. “You may spill when I reach the count of one and not a moment sooner, or I will find some form of punishment you shan’t enjoy. Ten, nine, eight…”

I do not know how I did it, thrashing my head from side to side and crying out and screaming with the effort of holding back, but just as he began the word “one” out it all came.

It took a few moments for me to recover, as if when my milk had shot from my sacks my mind, too, had been flung from my body. When I was aware again, though, I realized although he had made me come, he himself had not. “Sir? Do you wish to spill also?”

He shook his head. “Not until our next spell,” he explained. “I shall remain rampant and quivering throughout the day, awaiting the right moment to take you.” He kissed me, then. “There was no spell this time. I merely wanted to tease you and please you as your master and lover.”

I kissed him back. “Thank you, sir.”

I was suddenly aware that my time with Sergetten was growing short. I kissed him more passionately then. A few minutes later I had fallen asleep in his arms.

* * *

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