The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 38

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

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38: Jorin


I could not move, I was so spent. But someone was lifting me off of Willim, and someone else was washing my chest with a wet cloth… and it felt like they all still wanted to touch me. We were still in the dell where fight practice had happened, and where we had just spilled our milk simultaneously. “I’m sorry,” I said, when I finally could speak, though I kept my eyes closed. “I didn’t mean to interrupt.”

“Shush, you,” Kan said. “I didn’t think. It was stupid of us to have aroused you so.”

Willim was still wrapped partway around me, or so it felt like. “Will someone please explain to me what just happened? Not that it wasn’t quite enjoyable.”

Gresh grumbled, but I could feel his hand stroking my thigh as if he were patting down a horse after a race. “Weltskin here got bound to us. Seems though he got a bit too strongly bound, eh Kan?”

“Yes,” Kan admitted. “Is your reaction getting stronger each time, Jorin?”

“I think so. This might have been a special case, though, given that it was all of you aroused at once.”

“Hm, possible, but I worry that by trying to give you six masters, rather than diluting the spell, we’ve increased its power sixfold.” Kan kissed me. Many hands were cleaning me up, then, and I just stayed limp and let them do what they would. “Normally, that isn’t what would happen, but as I am learning, you are a singular individual, Jorin Weltskin.”

Pietri piped up next. “How do we fix it, then? Will it fade after a while?”

“And will it be an orgy every day until then?” Derget asked. “Not that I would mind that, but, it’s somewhat inconvenient in the midst of us trying to spirit the prince away.”

“All too true,” Kan said with a sigh. “All right, up up. Let’s get set for the night and I will ponder the solution.” He assigned watches as he helped me to my feet.

When we were bedded down in the tent, he spoke to me quietly. “I think we will need the expertise of someone who knows more Night Magic than I do to unravel the mystery of you,” he said. “But reaching him is not always easy. In fact, Night Magic itself is the only way I know to draw him to us.”

“Would that not draw the attention of Seroi, though, too?” I asked. “Given that we are so near to him?”

He clucked his tongue. “Distances will not matter if we perform the spell correctly.”


“I did say it would be Night Magic, didn’t I?” There was a hint of mischief in his voice.

I chuckled. “Are you sure this isn’t just another excuse for an orgy?” I pretended to complain. “My arse is sore from being fucked so much.”

“Mm, is it now? I’ll have to take your mouth in the morning then,” he said, kissing me suddenly in the dark. “And the spell will have to wait until tomorrow night.”

“Wait, this is a spell we could do tonight?”

“Well, actually, I wouldn’t recommend it, given how spent you are. And yes, it’s best performed at night. Did you think the name Night Magic was entirely metaphorical?”

“I never thought about it before,” I said. “So, what is Night Magic, exactly?”

“I could tell you,” he said, spooning me close, “but then I would need to swear you to secrecy.”

“Tcha. You already have me bound in spirit and body,” I said.

“I’m only joking, Weltskin.”

“It’s hard to tell sometimes.”

We lay still and quiet for a while, but I did not feel sleepy. I listened to the rustle of the forest outside, the warm wind through the trees. Midsummer could not be more than a few days away, could it? I had lost track.

“Night Magic,” Kan said softly, as if we had continued talking, “is the forbidden magic because it draws on the lust of male for male. One hardly bothers to call Day Magic by that name, because it is seen as right and natural. The desire between men and women creates life, the most magical act of all.”

“But… but surely my desire for Kenet is the most natural thing in the world?” I asked, wonderingly. “We were only boys when we discovered…”

“Hush,” he said. “I am not condemning you or the prince. Far from it. I, too, believe, that the lust of a man for a man is nothing evil. But that is still the key that unlocks the door to the kind of magic that could turn your Kenet into a whoreslave whose pain can only be assuaged by Seroi’s hand.”

“I see.”

“The Frangi long ago embraced the power found in the Night Arts and made their nation strong with it. That made all other nations nervous, but it was fine so long as that power was not abused. Do you know what started the current war between Trest and Frangit?”

“No,” I admitted. “And wait just a moment. I thought the Night Riders came from Frangit.”

“Do we sound like Frangi to you, Weltskin?”

“Well, no. Although you are somewhat blond…” I teased.

He laughed. “True. But it would probably shock you to find that there are dark-haired Frangi, too. The most prized boys for slaves, though, are always blond and fair-skinned.”


“Because they believe that the welts show most beautifully on fair skin.” He kissed the back of my neck. “Obviously, the forbears who set that standard had never seen one as beautiful as you.”

“I…” The thought that he found me beautiful stole my voice for a moment as I knew not how to respond to such a compliment.

“Make no mistake, Jorin,” he said. “You are very pleasing to the eye. Growing up in Kenet’s shadow, you might not have taken your measure.”

“The guards used to remark I was too pretty when we had fight practice,” I said. “But I thought they merely meant I needed my nose broken a few times.”

He chuckled and his breath was warm against my spine.

“You were going to tell me how the war started,” I reminded him.

“Was I? No, I merely asked if you knew, but if you insist…”

I elbowed him playfully, and soon we had a small wrestling match of our own going on in the low shelter. He pinned me beneath him, though, easily enough, having started out in such a position of advantage. “The Night Mages, it is said, began kidnapping boys from Trest and making them into whoreslaves,” he whispered into my ear. “There is great power to be had in evil acts, but it is short-lived and difficult to maintain without continuous fodder. A single Mage, bound to a single willing lover, can increase his power threefold.”

He began to rut against me slowly, with just a subtle roll of his hips.

“But if that same Mage were to bind a dozen unwilling boys to him, perhaps fucking them to ruin and replacing them with fresh bodies when needed? Well.” He went on. “Three-hundred-fold is not out of the question, though, as I said, it would be difficult to maintain.”

I could feel him hardening gradually, both from the bulge pressing into my leg and through the bond. I understood suddenly, he was making the arousal slow for my sake, trying prevent the sudden ache of need that would spear me through. “And Seroi…?”

“I believe he is trying to shape a willing pet of the princeling, whose blood holds such power that to have him in thrall… indeed, it is unfathomable just how powerful that would make him.”


“Aye. I must believe he has not succeeded at it yet. I must believe we are fated to stop him.” He still held me pinned where I was. “Some lucky cloud must be hanging over your head, Jorin Weltskin, for you to have survived all that you have and to be here, a day’s ride from rescuing him.”

I could not speak as his cock nosed close to my entrance.

“Enough lessons for one night,” he whispered. I spasmed in his arms as the sudden flare of desire gripped me, and he ploughed into me with one unerring thrust. We fucked just like that, him never letting go, his panting breaths hot against my neck, until we both came. Then we were truly spent and I was asleep before his cock could even slip from me. Perhaps it never did. I woke some hours later with him pumping inside me again, only this time he was murmuring words I could not make out. The spell for summoning help? The chant was low and rhythmic, matched to his thrusts, and I dared not move or make a sound lest I disturb the workings of the magic. That is, until I found myself on the verge of spilling. I opened my mouth to say so but before I could utter a peep, his hand covered my mouth and nose. I struggled for air out of reflex, only to find myself thrusting back into his penetration even harder, as if my body would accept lust in place of breath…

I blacked out when I spilled, but oh, how good it felt! Or perhaps it was the first breath I drew afterward that felt so very wonderful. I could not tell. I was dizzy and about to fall unconscious again when I heard an unfamiliar boot step in the bracken outside the tent. I crouched defensively almost without realizing it.

“Calm, Weltskin, calm,” Kan said, his hand on my shoulder. “If the spell has worked, then that is the sound of a friend.” He tossed open the flap and laughed. “Indeed!”

A man with dark hair, overgrown to his shoulders, stepped forward. In the moonlight I could only make out his profile but it was his voice, as deep and bitter as ever, that I recognized without fail. “This is outrageous! Explain yourself, Kan. I see no threat to you here inside your warding circle.”

“Sergetten!” I cried.

“Indeed,” Kan repeated as he stood. He made no effort to hide his nakedness, either. “Indeed. I see no introductions are necessary as you two are well acquainted.”

Our old tutor and the king’s top advisor rushed forward, a white ball of light flaring in his hand. I could see his face clearly now, the hawk-like expression I knew so well. “Jorin!”

I found myself backing away, heedless of my own nakedness. Kan turned to look at me. “What’s wrong, Jorin?”

“Seroi taught him,” I said. “Everything he knows of Night Magic, he knows from that beast.”

The two of them exchanged a wordless look. Then Kan said to me, “And I learned from Sergetten.”

I felt ill. “You can’t… you can’t seriously think Seroi would let his apprentice run around without binding him in some way? You cannot trust him!”

Sergetten chuckled. “I see someone thinks he knows everything about Night Magic. What nonsense have you been filling his head with, Kan? I can sense you’ve been stuffing his arse but good.”

“Ah, but therein lies the problem,” Kan said. “We bound him as a Night Rider, but he hasn’t taken to it like the others…”

“If the glistening trail down his thighs is any indication, he seems to have taken to it just fine,” Sergetten sneered.

Kan shook his head. “Jorin, put a shirt on and go wake the others. It’s nearly dawn. I’ll… explain things here.”

I didn’t move.

Kan sighed. “Jorin, please. Begging you as my lover to trust me, please go and wake the others, before I am forced to test if the bond will compel you to obey me.”

I grabbed my shirt and a pair of trousers and put them on, as well as my boots, never taking my eyes off Sergetten except for a moment here and there when I had to. For his part, he stared back at me with a cool expression. As I finally turned to go, he and Kan began to whisper sharply at each other.

The sun was rising, but my heart was sinking.

* * *

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