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Like Tooth And Claw edited by Joy Crelin & Cecilia Tan

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ISBN 9781885865885
35.580 words

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In recent years, paranormal romance has become an incredibly popular and steamy genre, delving into the romantic potential of such fantastic creatures as werewolves, and Circlet Press has certainly done our share of werewolf books (Faewolf, Alpha, Like An Animal, The Beast Within). However, wolves are far from the only animal with fantasy potential. Now, Circlet is taking the next step in Like Tooth and Claw, exploring shapeshifters beyond the traditional werewolves.

The six stories in Like Tooth and Claw feature vastly different kinds of shapeshifters, from lions to seals, but the theme of self-discovery remains constant throughout the anthology. Through their transformations into animals that walk, crawl, swim, or fly, the characters learn what it truly means to be an animal, and what it means to be human. Shapeshifting brings freedom, but at what price? Like Tooth and Claw tackles that question and more.

    Table of Contents:

  • Hunter, Prey by Marie Carlson
  • Eagle Eyed by Helen Dring
  • Tonight We Work in Silk by Lee Harrington
  • Northern Sea by Alex Monagan
  • Waylaid by Julie Cox
  • Lioness by Amanda Ferry

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One Saved To The Sea by Catt Kingsgrave

ebook $3.99
ISBN: 9781613900567
Paperback $9.95
ISBN: 9781613900697
29,490 words; 82 pages

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Drawing on myth and history, Catt Kingsgrave writes a tale of the clash of the modern age with magic, of loss and searching, a tale that will sweep you away to a past that never was, and into a sapphic love story just this side of impossible.

About the Author:

Catt Kingsgrave has been writing fiction and verse since the early eighties, and despite everything, has not yet seen fit to desist. With works ranging from Urban and Mythic Fantasy through Horror, Erotica, and a decided taste for the Gothic and macabre, she takes delight in making all her works as difficult to classify as humanly possible.  She lives with her partner, five cats, and two snakes in an upstate New York home that was built a century or so before the state in which she was born was made a part of the Union. When not writing, she has been known to indulge in random bouts of theater, songwriting, dance, painting, home repair, volunteer rape crisis counseling, and folk music. Her interests are zombie outbreak preparedness, criminal profiling, gardening, and full-contact applied mythology. She does not make jam.

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Erotofluidic Age, The by Vinnie Tesla

ebook $6.99
ISBN: 9781613900208
Paperback $12.95
ISBN: 978161390142
61,980 words

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The journey begins in “The Ontological Engine,” when Daedalus Tesla, a Victorian gentleman who has dedicated his life to the pursuit of Knowledge and Science, discovers the powers hidden within ontological forces. He realizes that, by harnessing the Vital Fluids collected from aroused men and women, he can power his invention, a machine known as the Ontological Engine. But the ontological forces are uncontrollable, and Daedalus finds himself in an unexpected predicament.

In “Miss Pierce’s Position,” Daedalus continues his story, giving us a glimpse into what happened to him after the suspenseful ending of “The Ontological Engine.” Much to his chagrin, another engineer is brought in to assist him with his problem—a woman engineer. Despite his Victorian-era prejudices, he puts up with Miss Pierce’s presence in his laboratory so long as she doesn’t know the real purpose of his machine—that is, until she begins to ask questions and gain the upper hand.

“The Terminando” adds another dimension to the world Tesla has created, as we quickly realize that this time it is narrated from the perspective of Daedalus’s assistant, Victor. Victor, along with Daedalus’s “nephew,” the Geoduck Dewey, has found himself in dire straits, in another ontosphere altogether, a kind of parallel universe. It is up to him to adapt to the strange ’sphere he has found himself in, to understand the ways of the violas, and to put together a solution in time to save the world from certain ontological destruction.

About the author: Vinnie Tesla has worked (or at least drawn a paycheck) as a white- water guide, information architect, bicycle deliveryman (by, not of), porn video reviewer, and desktop publisher. His purchase, in adolescence, of a mass-market paperback of The Pearl was undoubtedly the pivotal event that turned him towards his calling as a fake Victorian pornographer. His subsequent internship at Circlet Press was just the icing on the cake. He has an intermittent blog at journal.vinnietesla.com and a bunch of free fiction online at vinnietesla.com/stories, including Victim/Vic- torian, the pornographic novella to which The Erotofluidic Age is a prequel. He lives in Somerville, Massachusetts with his spousalbeast.
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Feline Fetishes edited by corwin

ebook $5.99
ISBN: 9781613900789
25,440 words

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Why “feline fetishes?” A number of reasons. First, by challenging authors to write something that “connected the feline universe to the erotic one” we were assured that we wouldn’t be seeing anything typical or run-of-the-mill. Secondly, both the publisher and editor have a “thing” for cats. And third, there was something about the thought of feline erotica that just sounded right.

But of course there was. Our cultural references all connect the cat to the sexual, viz: common slang for the female genitalia, a sexuallv aggressive female is a “tigress,” but if she’s real cute she’s a “sex kitten,” a house of prostitution is a “cat house,” and so on. In pop culture the feline has always carried with it a certain air of eroticism. Think of Catwoman, the only woman Batman ever loved in the old comic book and TV show. (And now Tim Burton’s gone one more step to make her an SM/fetish goddess, up there with Emma Peel and Bettie Page). Or in the Billy Crystal film When Harry Met Sally, when the line “You made a woman meow!?” was delivered. Or the ultimate cat-lover’s film, Cat People. The 1980s remake of the classic film was billed as “an erotic thriller about the animal in us all.”

With stories of cat aliens, cat gods, cats who turn into humans, and more, these authors have made the connection between the feline universe and the erotic one explicit, exploring that juncture through fantasy and science fiction in a way it cannot be examined in the so-called real world.

Contains stories by Lauren P. Burka, K. A. Kristiansen, Mary Malmros, and Reina Delacroix.

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Chasing Tail by Julie Cox

chasing-tail-cover-iconsizeEbook price $3.99
ISBN: 9781613900000
38,610 words

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Through six linked erotic stories, Chasing Tail explores the realm between human and animal, order and chaos, civilization and nature–the realm to which shapeshifters belong. The characters learn, love, and lose as they navigate their wild, yet inescapably human society, in which nothing–politics, romance, sex–is simple.

Table of Contents

  • Waylaid
  • Channeling Chiron
  • The Eagle and the Austringer
  • Stockholm
  • Old Bones
  • Strange Creatures

Julie Cox has a novella and eight short stories published, half of which are with Circlet Press.  She lives in Texas with her family, menagerie, and stunted garden.  She likes to make things, fix things, and take things apart. Publications and other bits can be found at www.juliecox.net.

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Alpha by Molly Maddox

ISBN: 9781885865700
27,500 words

Format :

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Janey Hyde is fighting to keep her people alive in a Manhattan ravaged by zombies. Seamus, the leader of a werewolf pack also on the island is doing the same. Will an alliance between them be the salvation of their tribes? Or is the intense attraction they feel for each other going to be their downfall? Exploring love, lust, war, and politics, ALPHA is the debut novel from writer Molly Maddox. Seamus’s pack isn’t ready to accept a human in their midst, and attracted to him as she is, Janey isn’t sure she’s ready to submit to an alpha male when it could undermine her authority with her own people. But there is more at stake than her pride and his principles, and only by working together will they find a future.

About the Author: Molly Maddox is a graduate student in clinical psychology at the University of North Texas. In her spare time she writes, illustrates, and works a nine-to-five. Alpha is her first novel.

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