Introducing the Circlet Concierge!

Our reader survey has been getting us lots of fascinating and useful data about what you guys enjoy. (And lots of sweet compliments–we can’t get enough of those either!)

One thing that caught our eye is that among the suggestions in the “books you’d like to see” field are several that we have actually already published. On consideration, this makes sense–our catalog is large and kind of messy; and we take pride in publishing books that are hard to categorize.

So we thought we’d try to close that gap. Leave a comment here–anonymously, pseudonymously, or regularnonymously as you prefer–with something you’d like to see: a theme, a kink, a tone, a setting–whatever. We’ll consult our editors and let you know if we have a book that matches what you’re looking for.  And if we don’t, we promise to bring up every suggestion at our editorial retreat in April. If we do a book based on your idea, we’ll send you a free copy.

10 thoughts on “Introducing the Circlet Concierge!”

  1. I would love to see a book with stories about age as a virtue, something sexy instead of something unfortunate. Badass grandparents and childless elders of all genders going on epic adventures and saving the world with sexiness in!

    1. Ooh, that’s a good one, Mad! We definitely don’t have an anthology with that as the theme, but I bet we can find some short stories that you would enjoy. I’ll ask around…

        1. Hey Mad–

          I’ve been told that there’s an important secondary character in Cameron Quintain’s Viscountess series who is a sexy and sexually active woman in her sixties. Several writers when I asked them drew a blank, but expressed interest in an anthology on this theme.

    1. I am CERTAIN we have a bunch with those elements. Are you interested in magical transformations too, or just technological?

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