Incubus Tales: Chapter 24

Welcome to Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words by Hushicho. In Noctemberg, it is always night. Dhiar, proprietor and gay incubus, welcomes you to Phantasies, a very special shop. Sensuality is more than just Dhiar’s stock in trade, it is his raison d’être. NSFW.

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24th Night—Hounds of Love

The days were so luxuriously long, the nights seemed endless, and all in all Dhiar was having a great time. It felt so good to go home, even once in a while. The time that passed between the occasions made it seem all the more special.

And now, arm-in-arm with Siros, he walked down the streets of stone towards the sound of music and the glow of lights.

This music pulsed and writhed through the body, it pulled one’s very being into rhythm. Even if a person had never danced, it made them want to move. They might not know a pirouette from a fox-trot, but this was the kind of sound where it all became so magnificently irrelevant. This was not the time for well-learned, practised motion.

As the two passed through the doorway, Dhiar motioned to the sight that greeted them. A huge column of what looked like solid water stretched up from a pool. Lush flora surrounded the walk, with seats and tables closer to the intermittent running walls and plant life, away from the main dance floor… which seemed to be mainly in the water, with a few floating platforms just adjacent to it.

Doorways led off to the buildings, exotic arches draped with diaphanous curtains. The bottles and glasses behind bars glimmered from the opposite curves of the place’s design. People of all kinds milled about, more naked than dressed.

“The Pit!” Dhiar proclaimed. “The greatest club of the Great City, in the eyes of many. The water there, don’t worry about that, you can breathe in it. And the doors lead off to… lounges. For relaxation.”

By Dhiar’s tone, Siros knew at once exactly what kind of relaxation he had in mind. The angel reached down to adjust himself in his trousers, only partially succeeding before Dhiar enthusiastically tugged him in the direction of the liquid pillar.

The Incubus wasted no time pulling him inside, and it was then that Siros completely understood the appeal of the Pit and its main attraction: the sounds were different, of course, inside: as pervasive as the beat had been outside, it was as if the music could only fully be experienced within the water. It hummed and thumped all through his body, and it rushed all around. He felt clothed by the music. His body could not resist.

Dhiar was part of the music. He stripped off his shirt and let it float away, rubbing his chest against Siros’s, pressing up against him. No sweat, no tension of the muscles, could exist here. Bubbles fluttered from his mouth as he blew a kiss, then leaned up to press mouth to mouth.

Siros’s clothes clung to his form, wet and pressed in by his surroundings. He shivered for a moment, then leaned into the kiss. As he drifted with Dhiar, moving constantly, he could see the others around them. So many were naked, which made sense with the water. Why not feel it all around one’s entire body?

Erections were worn without shame, and openly, freely. He could not help his eyes settling on a choice couple, as they rubbed against their partners and then waved free, side to side. The little floating hairs formed shapes on the body like arrows to guide the eyes. He almost could not look away.

But Dhiar quickly fixed that, too. The Incubus let his hands wander down, pushing Siros’s trousers to his knees, pulling at a foot and pulling him floating horizontally. The angel looked down his body in surprise and then delight, watching as his own penis jutted up, almost as a metronome for Dhiar’s symphony.

And what a symphony it was! Those lips replaced the water and sucked on the angel, and soon the Incubus himself drifted around, kicking his own pants away, wearing only a pair of boots. His cock beckoned to Siros, and so the winged man leaned up to accommodate, licking at its tip and then taking it to suck on at once.

They continued to drift, like a kind of ouroboros in the open, deep space. No-one tried to shame them, no-one called out in shock. There was only pleasure, and an acceptance of its enjoyment. This place was a collection of pleasure, after all. What great joys it offered! Surrounded by music so great that it completely saturated the body, mind and spirit, to share with another only made it more pleasureable.

Siros came about the same time as Dhiar, a few pearly strands drifting around them as they separated slightly. Then the Incubus wrapped his legs around Siros’s waist and started to stroke him again, bringing him back up and pushing back on him. The angel tried to voice a concern for his lover, but it felt too good… and the water completely obscured any sound he could make. It wasn’t part of the composition.

He drove into Dhiar, the motions creating a kind of easy rush of the water around them. Both men’s hair drifted about their heads like tendrils, flowering vines made of some kind of jewel. It was paradise. Utter bliss! He had never openly fucked anyone on a dance floor, in the middle of a club. But the realisation excited him still more.

Dhiar arched his back, the muscles more fully supported and enhanced in appearance by the water around them. He flexed and clenched, and then suddenly white wisps rose like smoky clouds from between his legs. And almost in a sort of triumph, Siros reached climax after him, humming to himself, feeling the vibration resonant around his body and complemented by the instruments sounding throughout their world at that moment.

It was minutes before either of them managed to move much more on his own. At last, Siros wrapped Dhiar in his arms and pushed to the edge, gliding down to the pool to relax in the open air. The atmosphere was so different, without the music completely there. He couldn’t feel it as much anymore; neither of them could. But in some ways, it was also a relief. They would have to rest, recover their energy, and then…

Dhiar grinned up at Siros, rubbing back against his body.

* * *

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About the author: From an early age, Hushicho held a special passion for storytelling. Throughout his life, he has worked in numerous media and various places in the world. He is the author of the long-running Incubus Tales webcomic, upon which this serial is based.

Incubus Tales
by Hushicho

Welcome to the intriguing city of dreams, Noctemberg, where it is always night, and to Phantasies, a very special shop run by Dhiar, proprietor and gay incubus. Sensuality is more than just Dhiar's stock in trade, it is his raison d'etre. In Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words, Dhiar meets new loves, rekindles relationships, and bring his special brand of sexual healing to lovers and readers alike.
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