Cats of Circlet IIX: Epilogue

Circlet HQ is not always the most organized place on earth. On the eighth day of A Week of Fuzziness, we have a couple photos we received early and then lost and a couple we got in the last week or so. All are awesome and fuzzy as heck.

Frequent Circlet contributor Jason Rubis submitted his photo of¬† Dupree fairly early, but somehow he got lost in the shuffle. He seems to be waiting his turn patiently enough…

Avery Vanderlyle¬† of Coffee: Hot sent us a picture of Sonnet: “She’ll be 2 in May, loves to chase toy mice down the hall and shares my chair for snuggles during breakfast.”


Bernie Mojzes, editor of The Flesh Made Word, sent us a photo of Milo and Loki sharing a pretzel.

And finally (for now) a picture from the household that started it all, Cecilia Tan, editor, publisher, author of The Prince’s Boy, among a zillion other things, sends a cat picture from Circlet HQ.

That’s it (for now), but it’s not too late to enter our caption contest! Suggest a caption for any of these (if we may be so bold, Jason and Bernie’s pictures seem particularly ripe for captioning), and win a copy of our omnibus Shapeshifter Ebook Bundle!


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