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Cats of Circlet Press

It has been several years since we last ran our popular Cats (and Other ((Non-Human)) Pets) of Circlet Press feature, partially because our parentheses budget was exhausted after the last one. This year we have several dozen cats, dogs, and miscellaneous other beasties, and it will take us an entire week to post them all, so come back every day this week for more!

We’re adding a little twist this year: the best proposed caption for one of the photos will win  a copy of our limited-release Shapeshifter Ebook Bundle. You can give your caption in the comments  below (don’t forget to mark which picture it’s for) or use one of the innumerable online captioning tools like Meme Generator, ImgFlip, or Meme Maker.

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New book! The Circlet Press Shapeshifter Erotica Bundle

Box set thumbnail$5.99 (!)
ISBN: 9781613901601
226,830 words (!!!)

Formats: :

This bundle is also available at  Amazon, Smashwords, Kobo, and Barnes & Noble.

Five books for the price of one! Available for a limited time, Circlet Press’s hottest shapeshifter stories all in one bundle. A lesbian selkie in the Orkney Islands. A gay Santa Cruz student in love with a werewolf. An Arkansas town of shapeshifters. A human and a wolfman fighting for survival in the ruins of NYC. And more. The wild heart of lust and longing all in one package!

Follow the links for hot excerpts from all four novels:

ONE SAVED TO THE SEA by Catt Kingsgrave:
From the lighthouse where she was raised, Mairead has watched the selkie girls secretly since she was small. She longs to leave the home that has never really been hers and join them. She could never have guessed that a limping selkie girl has been watching her too, nor what wildness the shapeshifter would draw her into.
“This book gripped me and wouldn’t let me go until I finished it. There’s deep, subtle poetry in it, and a romance that is satisfying but not easy. ” –Annabeth Leong

FAEWOLF by D. M. Atkins and Chris Taylor
Faewolves, like werewolves, can walk among men. What happens when Kiya White Cloud, a young gay college student in Santa Cruz, wants one of these men enough to risk his heart–and his life?
“The romance scenes in this book, and let me say there is a lot of sexin’ going on, are written really well – they are verra steamy.” –

When the shapeshifter community of northern Arkansas is rocked by a string of disappearances, individuals aren’t the only ones in danger. The entire community’s way of life is in jeopardy, but this new threat brings some shifters together in ways they never expected.
“A sweet, lovely, and hot set of stories, with a compelling setting, and a distinctive regional voice.” –Vinnie Tesla

ALPHA by Molly Maddox
Janey Hyde is fighting to keep her people alive in a Manhattan ravaged by zombies. Seamus, the leader of a werewolf pack also on the island is doing the same. Will an alliance between them be the salvation of their tribes? Or is the intense attraction they feel for each other going to be their downfall?
“I loved all the action scenes…a great heroine…the sex scenes were hot.” –

Plus LIKE AN ANIMAL, featuring werewolf stories by Elizabeth Reeve, Renata Piper, Joe Nobel, A. N. Cortez, A. D. R. Forte, Becca Ovadia, and David Hubbard.

This bundle will only be available until Summer. Indulge your inner e-book reading beast, and grab it now!

The Circlet Press Shapeshifter Bundle
Five books for the price of one! Available for a limited time, Circlet Press's hottest shapeshifter stories all in one bundle. A lesbian selkie in the Orkney Islands. A gay Santa Cruz student in love with a werewolf. An Arkansas town of shapeshifters. A human and a wolfman fighting for survival in the ruins of NYC. And more. The wild heart of lust and longing all in one package!


CHARMING: Modern Gay Fairy Tales is a Lambda Finalist!

CharmingThe finalists for the 28th Lambda Literary Awards have been announced, and maintaining Circlet Press’s four-year consecutive run with at least one finalist every year is the anthology of erotic fairy tale retellings CHARMING: Modern Erotic Fairy Tales (For Gay Men And Those Who Love Them), edited by Rian Darcy and Jennifer Levine.

To celebrate making the finalists’ list, Charming‘s ebook edition is on sale from for only $1.99 if you enter the coupon code LAMMY2016 upon checkout! Purchase the book in PDF, Kindle, or epub format right here on (or for an extra 99 cents buy all three formats).

Formats :

You can also buy the paperback edition from CreateSpace and use the coupon code QQLA26QJ to get it for only $9.99! (Regular price $12.95!) Click here!

The ebook edition of this title is also available (at full price) at:, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, AllRomanceEbooks, and the iBookstore and Google Play store.

Included in this anthology:
“Catch and Release” by Clio Yue
“Enchanted” by Shanna Germain
“Nightingale” by Evey Brett
“A Day in the Life of a Magic Prince” by NCN
“The Big Bad Wolf” by Alexander Wilder
“The Flame in the Desert” by Sasha Payne
“The Prince and the Frog” by Hero Freyr
“White Horse Beach” by Sarah Ellis

Editor Rian Darcy is also the author of the gay erotic cyberpunk mystery/romance SIMULACRUM, and co-editor Jennifer Levine is the editor of dozens of erotica anthologies for Circlet including Nights of the Round Table: Arthurian Erotica and Silent Shadows Come: Erotic Tales of Ninjas.

Charming is the tenth Circlet Press title to make finalist for a Lammy award. Past finalists include:

1998: The Drag Queen of Elfland by Lawrence Schimel (sf/fantasy)
2002: Best Bisexual Erotica Vol 2 edited by Bill Brent and Carol Queen (bi/trans book)
2003: Wired Hard 3: Even More Erotica for a Gay Universe edited by Cecilia Tan (sf/f)
2006: Master Han’s Daughter by Midori (lesbian erotica)
2013: One Saved to the Sea by Catt Kingsgrave (lesbian erotica)
2013: Chocolatiers of the High Winds by H.B. Kurtzwilde (sf/fantasy)
2014: The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj (sf/fantasy)
2015: Best Bi Short Stories edited by Sheela Lambert (bisexual fiction)
2015: Incubus Tales by Hushicho (gay erotica)
2015: Leather Spirit Stallion by Raven Kaldera (gay erotica)

To see all the finalists in this year’s Lambda Literary Awards, visit, Congratulations to all!

Charming: Modern Gay Erotic Fairytales
An anthology of modern gay erotic fairy tales. From poisoned apples to polished swords, classic fairy tales are full of sexual imagery; for this anthology, writers found those erotic threads and wove them into stories where the castle is an apartment building in Prague, or the Evil Queen is The Prince's ex-boyfriend. With Shanna Germain, Sasha Payne, and more.
Also available in paperback!

Steampunk Bundle Teasers #4: In Which the Major Makes Good on a Deeply Held Personal Conviction

There’s only a few days left before the Steampunk Bundle disappears! In the lead-up to that heartbreaking moment, we’re running one more hot excerpt from the bundle. This is from 1901: A Steam Odyssey by Lionel Bramble.

The Circlet Press Steampunk Erotica Bundle
Five full books! Circlet Press's steamiest steampunk works all in one bundle. A discreet brothel staffed by robots. A theatre that enacts your most secret fantasies. A mad scientist whose machines are powered by human arousal. And more. Each of the stylish, sexy, and surprising books here takes Victorian science fiction to delicious new places!

(also available at Amazon, iBooks/iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo and Barnes & Noble)

“There is one small problem,” the Captain said, as he took us aside. “My hull-repair crew is now using each and every pressure suit, save one. I shall have to ask the Major to make haste, to return so that Milady may the use it for her share of the necessary task. There is not a moment to be lost.”
“Nonsense,” I said, regarding the huge bulk of the roomy pressure suits, with their oversized domes. “The two of us will share the same outfit. The Major may look over my shoulder and supervise my movements.”
“Milady!” exclaimed the Major. “Such a thing has never been done. The strenuousness of the operation—”
“If I may boast,” I said, “there has never been a question of my fitness for physickal endurance. As to the issue of precedent, I daresay we shall shatter many records before we return to the Earth.”
How prophetic those words!
“Perhaps it might be done at that,” said our practical Captain, eyeing the bulky suit. “Bit of a squeeze. But it could be done.”
I said, “Captain, I take it the suit itself is sufficient to protect us from the vacuum and ionising radiation?”
He nodded in the affirmative.
“To make room inside the suit for two, we cannot allow our garments to encumber us,” said I, removing my jacket and corset and bidding the Major to do the same with his gold-braided blue uniform. “Come, Major—as the Captain says, there is not a moment to be lost. Unfasten those huge buttons!”
At this the Captain blushed. He represented a generation unprepared for the societal changes which accompanied our rapid technological process. I admit to feeling meanly amused by his embarrassment as I stripped off blouse and bodice and corset. I waited till he excused himself before I divested myself of bloomers, pantalettes, etc. and stood naked and shameless before the Major.
For the Major, I had no sympathy whatsoever. After we completed our tasks, I would have him. Or I would know why not.
“Given our shared body heat in the pressure-suit,” remarked I, “we are more than likely to perspire profusely. May I suggest, Major, that you remove that union suit? That’s it. And what is that you’re wearing under it? And there’s still more under that? Good heavens! Off with it, Major. All of it.”
It took some coaxing, but soon he was like myself, clad only in his skull and mermaid tattoos and his neatly matched piercings—and, I could not help but noticing, the rings like Saturn’s still stacked neatly about the root of his manhood. I was touched by this oddly sentimental gesture.
Yes, Reader, I did waggle my bottom enticingly in his face, as I clambered into the suit he already occupied. Now we both faced the same way, looking forward through the transparent dome of the great helmet. And even before I had slipped my legs into place before his, and leaned back into the muscled expanse of his chest, I could feel Saturn’s rings rise to greet me.
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