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HEART’S MASTER made Finalist in the Prism Awards! (So it’s on sale…)

HEART’S MASTER by Elizabeth Schechter is a finalist in the Prism Awards! These awards are given annually by the Fantasy, Futuristic, & Paranormal Chapter of the RWA, and awarded in several categories. HEART’S MASTER is in the erotic category and we’ll find out if it won at a ceremony during the RWA convention on July 28!

To celebrate and wish Elizabeth luck, we’re having a sale of the book! Use coupon code PRISMLUCK to get $4.00 off the ebook if purchased at (Regular price $5.99)

For more information about the Prism finalists, visit the FFP RWA website:

Heart's Master
by Elizabeth Schechter

In one tragic night Steven loses everything: his lover, his dreams, and his sight, but he gains the compassionate, caring dominant he has always longed for. Nick must teach Steven not only how to have a healthy and consensual BDSM relationship, but how to navigate the ways of magic. But as Steven begins to wield his new--and terrifyingly strong--powers, he draws the attention of evil beyond our world.
Also available in paperback!

It’s National Super Hero Day! Smutty superheroes (and villains) for YOUUUU

Superhero Sale Banner
News flash! It’s apparently National Super Hero Day, so we’ve put our smutty superhero and supervillains erotica ebooks on sale for 99 cents each for the next 24 hours! a few more days by popular demand!

And right now the two books are almost neck and neck with the villains in a slight lead. 58% of sales have been of the supervillains book, 42% the heroes book. Which one will you choose? Or both! (Only one coupon can be applied per order so you have to order them separately.)

Use the following coupon codes:
Vol 1 (Heroes): upupandaway
Vol 2 (Villains): illgetyounexttime

Happy reading!

Like A Mask Removed Volume I: Erotic Tales of SuperHeroes
You don't have to be an evil genius to know superheroes are hot, and not just because of the perfect bodies clad in spandex. Like a Mask Removed, Volume One presents seven stories ranging from vibrant romps reminiscent of the colorful comic book pages they are inspired by to modern experimental literary styles. Includes Lauren P. Burka. Angela Caperton, Tom Cardamone, Michael M. Jones, and more.
Also available in paperback!

Like A Mask Removed Volume II: Erotic Tales of SuperVillains
Although the battles of good versus evil found in comic books tug at our primal, childhood selves, these same primal urges lead us to exploring the erotic side of heroes--and villains. Five new, previously unpublished, original stories of the smoldering dynamics found between noble, honorable, well-meaning superheroes and their provocative nemeses. With Sophie Mouette, Raven Kaldera, and others.
Also available in paperback!

Have a Merry XXX-Mas with 75% off or holiday anthologies!

Merry XXX-Mas to all! Silly pun aside, we consider XXX-Mas to be an inclusive, non-denominational holiday. Get a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, or kink, in our holiday-themed anthologies, the gay classic Stocking Stuffers, lesbian tour de force Dyke the Halls, and grab-bag assortment Jingle Balls! Get 75% off any or all of these gems with code MerryXXXmas at checkout!

Stocking Stuffers
edited by David Laurent

Who can resist a smorgasboard of delicious holiday treats? Leave it to David Laurents to collect the first ever anthology of gay erotic Christmas stories. These hot stories are sure to heat up any cold winter night.
Dyke The Halls
edited by Linda Alvarez

Who can resist a smorgasbord of delicious holiday treats? Whether you are naughty or nice, these sexy lesbian stories with Christmas themes are much better than mistletoe.
Jingle Balls
edited by Cecilia Tan & Arabella Flynn

Nine stories as hot and sweet as steaming cocoa on a December night! Collecting the erotic holiday "gift" stories from into one anthology, JINGLE BALLS has a little something for everyone, some gay, some straight, some lesbian, some kinky, some out of the (gift) box, with stories by Laura Antoniou, Kal Cobalt, Andrea Dale, Roxane Rhoads, Elizabeth Schechter, and more!

99¢ Erotic Fantastic just for you, only on XXX-Mas Eve!

Still can’t decide what to get your true lust (or yourself) for Christmas? Need a gift toot-sweet for the first night of Hanukkah? Never fear! Try an anthology of Circlet classics, Erotic Fantastic. Collecting our best stories from 1992-2002 in one volume, get your copy for just 99¢ today only, with code XXXmasBest at checkout!

Erotic Fantastic: The Best of Circlet Press 1992-2002
In the first ten years of its existence, Circlet Press published over thirty anthologies and several single-author works, all the time pushing at the boundaries of sf/f and Erotica and fusing the two together. This is a collection of the very best and brightest of this unique publisher and unique genre, with twenty-five stories picked from the hundreds Circlet has put into print. Includes Francesca Lia Block, Catherine Asaro, M. Christian, Thomas S. Roche, Laura Antoniou, and many many more.
Also available in paperback!

Join the robot revolution with Robotica, on the 23rd Day Of XXX-Mas!

Had your fill of squishy humans this holiday season? Perhaps a robot would be more your speed. Check out some of the hottest of hot technology in Kal Cobalt’s Robotica. Get your copy for only 99¢ on this, the 23rd Day of XXX-Mas with code XXXmasDroid at checkout!

by Kal Cobalt

Five erotic stories of robot-human relations, exploring the future of humanity, sex, and desire. In Cobalt’s futures, artificial intelligences can have very real emotions, and humans can be just as confused, turned on by, and obsessed with their robot lovers as they are by any others. The stories have a delicious homoerotic edge even as they question what gender means to a robot mind. Or heart.

We’re giving you Chasing Tail for only 99¢ on the 22nd Day Of XXX-Mas!

What could be warmer than a new fur coat this winter? Especially if it’s still on the sexy, sexy werewolf. Or werefox. Or weretiger. We don’t judge. Get your copy of Chasing Tail, by Julie Cox, for only 99¢ on this, the 22nd Day of XXX-Mas, by using coupon code XXXmasChase at checkout.

Chasing Tail
by Julie Cox

When the shapeshifter community of northern Arkansas is rocked by a string of disappearances, individuals aren’t the only ones in danger. The entire community’s way of life is in jeopardy, but this new threat brings some shifters together in ways they never expected. Alone, they are targets; together, they are strong. As they discover, the hardest part is finding the courage to let another in.

Advent Calendar: The 21st Day Of XXX-Mas

Agony and ecstacy meld into one in Renee M Charles’ Shades of Pleasure, a short story collection of sci-fi kink. Get your copy today for only 99¢ with coupon code XXXmasShades at checkout, for the 21st Day of XXX-Mas!

Shades of Pleasure
by Renée M Charles
**All royalties will be donated to Catkins Rescue in Park Falls, Wisconsin, in memory of author Renee M. Charles, aka A.R. Morlan.**
These eight sizzling tales from the ever-inventive Renée M. Charles look at sexuality through a futuristic lens, each with its own vision of the future--good or bad. In these stories, people--women, men, and everything in between--have erotic encounters in zero gravity, in repressive dystopian societies, and even in worlds not so far off from our own.

Advent Calendar: The 20th Day Of XXX-Mas

For the 20th Day of XXX-Mas, dive into the cyberpunk world of tomorrow. Can Shaun catch the serial killer loose on the net? And what will he uncover about the shadowy Lore who’s captured so much of his attention? Find out in Rian Darcy’s Simulacrum, for only 99¢ with coupon code XXXmasPunk at checkout.

by Rian Darcy

In Simulnet, no one knows who you are: the perfect playground for the imagination... or a serial killer. The police ask Shaun to partner with an enigmatic programmer to hunt a murderer in the sex clubs and ramen shops of cyberspace. But as they investigate, Shaun finds himself wanting to know more about his partner. Ultimately the questions Shaun needs to answer are the ones deep in his heart.
Also available in paperback!

Chart The Innocent’s Progress for the 19th Day Of XXX-Mas!

Spend the 19th Day of XXX-Mas in Edwardian times — the erotic version, of course. Peter Tupper’s The Innocent’s Progress features romance, theater, and adventuresses in innovative new horseless carriages, for only 99¢ when you use coupon code XXXmasTales at checkout.

The Innocent's Progress
by Peter Tupper

In a steampunk society where sex is ritualized and marriage is sacred, the slightest misstep can bring your world tumbling down. In this collection, Peter Tupper explores the many facets of a time that never was, and a society that is all too familiar. Rich in eroticism, and immersive in its detail, The Innocent's Progress and Other Stories is a sterling example of what steampunk can be.