Capricious: Chapter 31

Welcome to Capricious by Julie Cox, a Texan tale of love and magic. NSFW.

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Chapter 31


Sally shifted in Allison’s arms; Allison only held her tighter from behind, as if willing her to listen, to heed her. “Charging a satyr isn’t complicated, but simple doesn’t necessarily mean easy. It’s like birthing a baby–you have to know what muscles you’re supposed to use, and you probably don’t even know you have these magical muscles until you start using them. Direct your magic toward Luke. Funnel it toward him. Right now you radiate all over, like one of those static electricity ball thingies. You gotta be more like lightning, sending it all right to him.”

“Who told you I’m a thunderbird?”

“Everyone’s talking about it. Think about emotional release–how it feels, physically, when you have a huge emotional weight lifted from you, that sense of both relief and exhaustion. That slight world shift when you let go of an emotion, and the magical energy associated with. Those are the same metaphysical muscles you use to direct the flow of your erotic energy.”

Luke was more aware now of the hard ground, of Charlie’s knee digging into the small of his back. With enormous effort, he squirmed and shifted before falling still again, panting with the effort. He opened his eyes briefly, wanting to watch Allison instruct Sally.

“What does it feel like during?”

“Like a fist knots inside your guts, right below your rib cage, and yanks toward him. It doesn’t hurt–in fact, it feels really good. But don’t let go of yourself completely. He’ll ground you out if you let him. He won’t mean to–it’s metaphysics, not choice or will with him. You gotta be careful not to drain yourself completely; once won’t do you any harm, except for being totally useless the next day, but making a habit of letting go of all of your magical energy will permanently damage your capacity for your own magic. So hold onto that fist in your gut when you start to feel weak.”

Luke wanted very much to be part of this conversation. He wanted to reassure Sally, to assert that Allison was right, that this, really, was why monogamy was not only difficult for a satyr but dangerous. Of course, Allison was doing a better job of explaining it than he ever had, so perhaps it was best that he was near catatonic on a blond Austinite.

“So with that in mind,” Allison said, and he could hear the change in her voice, “let’s charge him. You don’t even need to touch him. Just get turned on thinking about him, direct your magic to him instead of throwing it in the air like confetti, and that should be enough to get him on his feet. Now…. Look at those two handsome, useful fellows. One dark, one light. One rugged and tough, the other kinda adorable in a geeky way.”

“Wow. Really?” Charlie’s voice was laced with irritation.

“Hush, you are,” Sally said.

Allison brushed back Sally’s dark hair so she could talk right in her ear. “I want you to imagine Luke waking up, grinning that shit-eating grin he gets when he is about to make trouble. He turns around, on all fours, and straddles your friend there, who is all shy and unsure about the whole thing. Luke, he doesn’t care, he can taste the lust coming off that young man, and it turns him right the hell on. He lifts Charlie’s face up to meet his and kisses him. Soft and full of affection at first, then deep and needful. And Charlie, he can’t help himself, he kisses him back, making little noises in his throat.”

Luke took a deep breath, wrapping himself up in the delicious wave of magical energy that washed over him, not only from Sally but from Allison and Charlie, too. And Cormick, he noted, sensing fae lust in the mix. Couldn’t blame the guy, Allison talking like that was hot no matter what your inclinations.

Charlie’s energy was unlike any magic Luke had ever tasted, and he lingered on it. He tasted the way one might imagine deep, achingly cold spring water would taste, with something like the smell of forests mixed in. Cedar wood and rich, leaf-strewn earth, rain and stone, and an animalistic aftertaste. It was hard to get a good read on him, when his magic mixed and mingled with the others’. Luke would find out soon enough. He tuned back in to what Allison was saying.

“Your friend, does he prefer to be on top or bottom?”

“Bottom,” Sally said, her voice strained.

“Good. Luke kisses his neck and his ear, starts undoing his shirt. Charlie’s not so sure about all this, because Luke’s yours and he’s never had an audience before, but he goes along with it because Luke needs this, and Sally needs Luke, and anyway he’s turned on.”

“I follow,” Charlie said. “I’ll lay off the dirty looks.”

Luke forced his eyes open; it was easier now than a few minutes ago. Sally was leaning into Allison, an arm over the other woman’s, which was still around her waist. He watched Allison talk to her, watched Sally begin to twitch and fidget, excited but unable to do anything about it.

“Charlie,” Allison said, “give me something to work with.”

“This is so not my area of expertise,” Charlie said. “It’s been, what–nine months since my boyfriend and I broke up? And I’ve only had two.”

“Good enough. Luke takes off Charlie’s shirt and lays him back on the ground, lies between his legs and moves against him. Luke ain’t shy, he lets the boy know exactly what he wants. He takes his shirt and pants off, takes Charlie’s off. Luke’s a satyr, full of earth magic, old magic, older than Christianity. He knows how to touch Charlie to pleasure him, how hard to bite, to scratch, to rub and grind. There’s nothing like a partner who is experienced and confident. Luke takes his time with him, tasting him, teasing him, making him ache like a bruise to be fucked. Are you aching yet, Sally?”

“Gawd, yes I am.”

“Can I help?”

Sally hesitated a long moment, then said, “OK.”

Luke’s breath was coming easier now, not the shallow panting of before. He looked at the girls, and his heart thudded hard against his breastbone, magical starvation be damned. Allison slid her hand down the front of Sally’s cargo pants and whispered in her ear. When Sally suddenly gasped and bucked in her arms, Allison smiled, and her voice rose again to where Luke could make out what she was saying.

“Luke’s not rough, or selfish–he takes the time to slide his fingers, one at a time, inside Charlie, to rub him with oil, to make sure he’s ready. And Charlie, oh, all he wants is that man’s cock up his ass, but he doesn’t want to say it. His body writhes under Luke, who is stroking him now, enjoying watching his partner losing control for want of him. Finally he gives Charlie what he wants, and enters him.”

Sally cried out, a good cry, barely restrained. It was like an electric jolt, and Luke was brought into full consciousness quite suddenly. He took a surreptitious look around, not wanting to interrupt the delicious scene before him. Sally gasped, ecstatic, and arched against Allison, making the most interesting little noises. Luke imagined that Allison had slid her fingers inside Sally, mirroring her description of the boys. He noticed Cormick wasn’t giving a snide commentary now, just quietly listening off to the side, eyes wide. Charlie had his face buried behind Luke’s ear, evidently too self-conscious to look at anyone anymore, but Luke felt Charlie’s breath, hot and shallow, on his neck, and his fingers twisted in Luke’s shirt. He was as tense as a drum. Luke turned his head to whisper to him, “I like how you smell.”

The only indication of his surprise was a momentary hesitation, then a soft, “Thank you.” But he did unclench just a little bit.

“Ohhh!” Sally said, a whine of protest.

“We’ll get there, girl, just hang on. Think about where your magical core is, the tight little ball of magical energy that forms in your abdomen. Think of rolling it all up together, like a ball of dough. And when you come, I want you to use that rush of relief to throw it all to Luke.”

“Like a hadouken,” Sally breathed.

“Sure. Whatever that is.”

“It’s from Street Fighter!”

“Of course it is. Look now–Luke’s got Charlie pinned to the ground and is thrusting into him with deep, fast strokes. He rolls his hips, shifts his angle, looking to find exactly how Charlie likes to be fucked. Because that’s what an old satyr can do–he can find your weaknesses, your triggers. He’s… creative. And once he’s found the way that makes Charlie throw his head back and open his legs, beg for more, Luke gives it to him, does him exactly the way he’s always wanted to be fucked.”

It was hard to say who was the most aroused in the little clearing in the woods–Sally, Luke, or the apparently deathly shy young man holding him. Charlie stayed absolutely still, as if moving would make it more difficult to control himself, his body totally tense. Waves of lustful energy fell off of him like swirls of leaves in a fall storm. Luke slid against him, sat up now that he had the strength to do so, let the girls see how well their plan was working. Sally met Luke’s eyes and bit her lip hard, her expression one of surprise and want and encouragement.

Luke turned his head back to murmur in Charlie’s ear. “Can I kiss you?”

Charlie was still and silent, then nodded, the movement barely perceptible. Luke reached a hand behind Charlie’s neck and pulled him in for a kiss. He tasted tangy and sweet, his mouth stronger than Sally’s.

“Aw hell yeah!” Luke heard Sally say.

A moment later she was making less comprehensible sounds, and Allison was saying, “When they come, their bodies rock together with the incredible pleasure of their ecstasy, and–”

“Shut up, Allison, I get it!” Sally managed to bark in between her cries. As she rocked her hips hard against Allison’s hand, Luke’s body was suddenly seized with pleasure. A rush of tingling heat filled him, almost hurting with its intensity. He shuddered and moaned against Charlie, whose own lustful magic, while nowhere near Sally’s level, contributed not insignificantly to the burning shock of magical energy barreling through Luke’s system.

When the majority of the aftershocks had passed through him, Luke sat up under his own power, though still dizzy, and grinned sloppily. “Hi. I’m Luke.”

“So I gathered. I’m Charlie.”

Luke stood up and held out a hand to pull Charlie to his feet. “Nice to meet you, Charlie. Welcome to Fox Pass.”

* * *

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About the author: Julie Cox is the author of Chasing Tail and numerous short stories in Circlet Press erotica anthologies. She lives in Texas with her husband, children, and ever-expanding menagerie of animals on their farm. She runs a small online yarn business and teaches yarn spinning. She has numerous stories published with Circlet Press and elsewhere.

Capricious: A Texan Tale of Love And Magic
by Julie Cox

Welcome to Fox Pass, Texas, a small community where the mythical creatures aren’t so mythical after all. Satyr Luke’s comfortable routine is thrown into disarray when he becomes the target of enemies who won’t hesitate to hurt his friends to get to him. Struggling to save his town—and to sort out his feelings for his friend Sally—Luke faces the adventure of a lifetime in Julie Cox’s Capricious.
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