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Circlet Press bags some Rainbow Awards! (ebooks on sale to celebrate)

The winners of the 2011 LGBT Rainbow Awards have been announced! And three Circlet Press books have garnered the kudos of the judges! UP FOR GRABS 2 In the Bi/Trans SF/Fantasy Category, our anthology of gender-questioning erotic short stories UP FOR GRABS 2, edited by Lauren P. Burka took third place! The judges praises included: […]

Now available for download or print! The Prince’s Boy Volume Two

The Prince’s Boy: Volume Two by Cecilia Tan $19. 95 paperback 978-1-61390-010-9 or $9.99 ebook 978-1-61390-014-7 (For $9.99 get any single ebook format. For 99 cents more, download a zip file with all available formats!) Format : All Formats [+ $0.99]PDF (tagged)ePublitprcHTML

The Prince’s Boy: Epilogue

And here it is, the final official post of The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan! Thank you, thank you, readers, for following the adventures of the boys for nearly two whole years! Kenet had the first word in the story, and so he shall have the last… Epilogue: Kenet I was in a small room […]

The Prince’s Boy: 96

96: Jorin When Seroi pulled free of me at last, I had no fight left in me. That had been his purpose, of course, to break down my resistance. But I never begged for mercy. I never gave him that satisfaction. I never truly broke.

The Prince’s Boy: 95

95: Kenet Oh Jorin, forgive me. This time I must ask you to forgive me the way I forgave you. I knew what he was going to do and there was no way around it. There was no way I could prevent any of it. I tried. You know I did. I tried to offer […]

The Prince’s Boy: 94

94: Jorin From within the glare of the candles, I could barely make out what was going on in the room. Seroi dragged the king in front of Kenet, but what were they doing to him? I could not quite see nor hear, as the stronger Seroi grew, the more like a wall the ring […]

The Prince’s Boy: 93

93: Kenet I tried to be stoic as the fight began. I tried to kneel off to the side where the mage had put me and draw no attention to myself. I needed him to believe me harmless and cowed. When Jorin felled Bear, though, I am sure I must have been as wide-eyed as […]

The Prince’s Boy: 92

92: Jorin Oh, it was hard to watch Kenet display himself before the mage that way. It was even harder to watch him pretend to lust for the man. But I never doubted him. I never thought for one moment that Kenet might betray me, or us, for his own comfort or pleasure. I never […]

The Prince’s Boy: 91

91: Kenet We were making our way through the twists of the tunnels that would bring us within sight of the Rose Gate when I heard the sound of footsteps ahead of us, someone climbing in a hurry. Before I could react, Kan came bounding up the steps, his sword sheathed. He stopped short and […]

The Prince’s Boy: 90

[Woo! The Prince's Boy volume one ebook went live today for Kindle! Please go click "like" and leave reviews there! It'll really help! Link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004W9BTGE] 90: Jorin Kan followed me through the passages. We went past the room that Kenet and I had shared in the years we had lived here, but there was no […]