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Call for Halloween Microfictions

Circlet Microfictions are looking for some spooky tricks and sexy treats for Halloween. Send in your best short-shorts featuring ghosts and goblins, witches and wizards, pumpkin kings and weird costumes. Who gets more then they bargained for when the knock at the door comes? What does the jack-o’-lantern see? Where does the will-o’-wisp lead us? […]

Microfiction: Libby and Jess, by Nobilis Reed

Libby finished the last knot. “Everything feel okay?” Jess tested the bindings on her wrists and ankles. “Marvelous.” The brass scales behind her head rattled, muffled by the pillow in between. Libby had set aside Jess’s sword, and her own tablet and torch, but it was just too delicious to resist tying her new wife […]

Microfiction: After the Flood, by Amber MacFall

After the Flood, by Amber MacFall “Why is it,” Nicolai grimaced, brushing vampire dust off his sleeve, “that if God sent the Flood to rid the world of monsters, there are still so many here?”                 “Well,” replied Valeriya, recovering her stake and giving it an idle flip before sheathing it, “many did die in […]

Microfiction: Point Man, by Cecilia Tan

Point Man by Cecilia Tan There is a fatal flaw in the plan which only I know, but I can’t tell them this. In a gang of spies I have to be even more secretive than the rest. I have to game the gamers. They think the plan is brilliant, and it is, in its […]

Microfiction: Journeyman, by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata

Journeyman, by Cèsar Sanchez Zapata   Last August, my daughter, Liliana, turned three. That same month she made her first friend. A man as fate should have it—depicted with frosty hair and a bent nose in her school drawings. All at once, the house bristled with stories of this stranger; it seemed Liliana would speak […]

Microfiction: The Battle of Cypress Gulf, by Benji Bright

The Battle of Cypress Gulf, by Benji Bright Koh opens his eyes in a panic and reaches for the blade at his side. The holster is empty. The blade is gone. It takes a long moment of cold dread before he remembers where he is. But he can’t recall exactly what has happened. His sword […]

Microfiction: A Better Mousetrap, by D. Mark Alderton

A Better Mousetrap, by D. Mark Alderton “You realize, of course, that every new invention quickly gets adapted for sex,” said the Doorway ® saleman.                 Benson was unconvinced. “There’s a Doorway ® not two blocks from here. Anyone on the Hundred Planets can easily make their way here. Why do I need one in […]

Microfiction: The Wolverine’s Lampshade, by Alicia E. Goranson

The Wolverine’s Lampshade, by Alicia E. Goranson Joshua loves Maxwell, the taxidermist down on Maple in White Sulphur Springs. The shop is filled with warm, soft animals frozen in fearsome poses, each with an internal heater to pump the artificial blood underneath. Joshua has been begging Maxwell to take his craft to the next step. […]

Microfiction: Time Heals All, by Jez Patterson

Time Heals All, by Jez Patterson                 “Take off your clothes,” Ajala said from the top of the steps and Mikael removed his robes. The sight of him thrilled her the same way it had done from the very first occasion she’d met him. Seeing him harden, watching him almost double over to contain his […]

Microfiction: Spiritusexual, by Julie Cox

Spiritusexual, by Julie Cox  You want to call me a ghost whore? Fine. So long as I get paid, you can call me whatever you think you can get away with. But at the end of the day, I get off, and I get paid to do it. People ask me how I got into […]