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Circlet Press bags some Rainbow Awards! (ebooks on sale to celebrate)

The winners of the 2011 LGBT Rainbow Awards have been announced! And three Circlet Press books have garnered the kudos of the judges! UP FOR GRABS 2 In the Bi/Trans SF/Fantasy Category, our anthology of gender-questioning erotic short stories UP FOR GRABS 2, edited by Lauren P. Burka took third place! The judges praises included: […]

Sample an older Circlet title! Today: Mate

MateThree short stories of erotic science fiction with a BDSM edge. Terry Montiero and d’Schane Grey are techies whose relationship is fueled by their chess game–a power game. Originally published in 1992 as a chapbook, the stories have been unavailable for years until this eBook revival. Fans of m/m will enjoy these characters thoroughly. [Warnings: […]

Book Review: Wishbone by Lauren P. Burka

Wishbone, by Lauren P. Burka $5.95 ebook Torquere Press BDSM m/m science fiction romance Reviewed by Kelly Kinkaid To describe the relationships in Lauren P. Burka’s Wishbone as intense is certainly an understatement. Wishbone, our charming titular character, is uprooted from his life of prostitution by a shih-aan. The shih-aan, an alien race who bloodily […]

"Up for Grabs" reviewed

Up for Grabs has been reviewed by Emily at Good Reads: The possibilities are endless when you combine science fiction and sexual ambiguity, the ability to choose your own gender or not have to pick just one. The five stories in this anthology each take a very different approach, but each invariably plays with the […]

Review for Wired Hard 4

The Erotica Readers and Writers Association has a nice review of Wired Hard 4. We now live in an era of ebooks and genetic engineering, instant messaging and cybersex, gender reassignment and gay marriage. The world has matured and many of the fantastic imaginings of Circlet’s authors have become familiar facts. In the second decade […]

My First Kinky Book

I remember my first kinky book.

Microfiction: The Hymn of the Pearl, by Lauren P. Burka

The Hymn of the Pearl by Lauren P. Burka Sunset raked the dirt-streaked windows, spilling colors of blood and fire into the stairwell. The man warmed his toes in the receding pools of light. He had no clothes but a thin, white shift that shielded neither his skin from the cold nor his buttocks from […]

New Book! Up for Grabs: Exploring the Worlds of Gender

Up For Grabs: Exploring the Worlds of Gender edited by Lauren P. Burka • $5.99 ebook Format : All Formats [+ $0.99]PDFHTML/KindleePubLRFPDBprc (Kindle) With stories by Vinnie Tesla, Anya Levin, David D. Levine, Zachary Jernigan, and Ellen Tevault. An anthology of erotic stories where gender is up for grabs. Thousands of people spend time on […]

Don't Forget Our eBay Auctions!

Just a reminder – we’re still selling books through eBay.

In particular, we’re featuring the chapbook Mate by our own Lauren P. Burka.

Queer Destinies by Gary Bowen
Erotic Fantastic: The Best of Circlet Press 1992-2002 (anthology edited by Cecilia)
Mind & Body (anthology edited by Cecilia)
Best Bisexual Erotica (anthology)
Virtual Girls by Evan Hollander
Taste of Midnight/Cherished Blood combo pack (two anthologies edited by Cecilia)