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Fiction Friday: Nature Girl by Kirsty Logan

Nature Girl by Kirsty Logan I had cleared the whole day for this. No deadlines, no paperwork, no email or phone or laptop. It was just me and the sun and an empty park. No one came to this park because it was small and usually cooled by shade, but I had discovered a quiet […]

Fiction Friday: The Last 3,600 Seconds by Kirsty Logan

The Last 3,600 Seconds by Kirsty Logan When the dog starts barking, we know it’s beginning. Or rather, ending. We grab handfuls of bottles and climb up onto the roof of the house. She stumbles and her foot slips into the gutter sopped with dead leaves. I grab her wrists and pull her clear – […]

Fiction Friday: Narcissa, by Kirsty Logan

Narcissa by Kirsty Logan I choose the pool for the way it catches the midday sun and holds it, so everything reflected in it is haloed in gold – and I know I look particularly good haloed in gold. I glance around to check that only nature is watching, then approach the water. It glints […]

Fiction Friday: Afterwards by Kirsty Logan

Afterwards by Kirsty Logan We used up the last of the time a month ago, or a year ago, or a lifetime ago, and here I am still beside you. It feels like it might be morning, so I slide out from under your sleep-warm arm. I watch the kettle until it starts to roil […]