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Microfiction: Witch, by Kannan Feng

Witch by Kannan Feng The witches of the barrens rule over wild beasts. This is what people say, and it is both a truth and a lie. When I was twenty, I went down to the deep ravines on the brightest night of the year, when the twin moons lit up like lanterns and threw […]

Circlet Press bags some Rainbow Awards! (ebooks on sale to celebrate)

The winners of the 2011 LGBT Rainbow Awards have been announced! And three Circlet Press books have garnered the kudos of the judges! UP FOR GRABS 2 In the Bi/Trans SF/Fantasy Category, our anthology of gender-questioning erotic short stories UP FOR GRABS 2, edited by Lauren P. Burka took third place! The judges praises included: […]

Microfiction: A Long Time Dreaming, by Kannan Feng

A Long Time Dreaming by Kannan Feng The wall of thorns parted for me like river reeds and when I gained the castle gate, it was open, as if it was waiting for me. The guards on either side slept standing up in armor a hundred years out of date and when I walked through […]

Fiction Friday: Pinion by Kannan Feng

Pinion by Kannan Feng Without Carnival, there would be no need for Lent, so the people were rioting in the streets, dancing, laughing, eating, and embracing. Many of them wore wings, wings of paper, wings of parrot feathers, wings of beaten silver, but none of them could compare with mine.

Fiction Friday: Somnophilia by Kannan Feng

Somnophilia by Kannan Feng “You’re so handsome,” the incubus whispered, his lips gently tracing the rim of my ear. He curled up behind me as though we had been sleeping together for years, and I could feel how hard he was, though he kept still as a stone. See how good I am? he seemed […]