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Microfiction: Venus Inferno, by Gayle C. Straun

Venus Inferno by Gayle C. Straun “I want to be your slave.” She looked me up and down with piercing eyes, examining me, ready to toss me away unless I provided some amusement, and just maybe this was it. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Yes,” I said, desperate not to be discarded and hoping that […]

Microfiction: I am Sirius (Yellow) by Gayle C. Straun

I Am Sirius (Yellow) By Gayle C. Straun The smell of paint still permeated the narrow apartment, so Jenna opened the only window once she had flung down the bag of supplies. Rasmus followed her inside and sat down beside her on the mattress on the far end of the room. Casually, he began unbuttoning […]

Microfiction: Return of the Queen, by Gayle C. Straun

Return of the Queen by Gayle C. Straun She knew she was in the right place, once again, when the torch illuminated nothing before her—nothing, not the rock tunnel that had been her entire world for the past several hours, not the dripping moss that occasionally threatened to extinguish her only light, not even her […]

Microfiction: Mirror, Mirror by Gayle C. Straun

Mirror, Mirror by Gayle C. Straun He had a bad habit of bringing home real bloodsuckers. And I’m not being metaphorical when I say that—I mean actual vampires. His friends thought he just had a fetish for the pointy teeth and waxen skin, or maybe he just liked playing it dangerous, got off on the […]

Fiction Friday: Erotiki by Gayle C. Straun

Erotiki by Gayle C. Straun “I don’t think I get it. Who’s this supposed to be?” “It’s my rendering of Tiki, the first man in Polynesian mythology. This is supposed to be the moment when his wife-to-be rises from the pool to meet him.” “You’re going to have to back up a bit. I don’t […]

Fiction Friday: Hard Luck by Gayle C. Straun

Hard Luck by Gayle C. Straun “Guess I should have known you’d turn up,” she said. “That’s me,” I said. “A bad penny, through and through.” She seemed to think about this for a moment, giving me that sweet critical eye over the top of her glasses, just like every teacher I had a crush […]

Fiction Friday: Nemesis by Gayle C. Straun

Nemesis by Gayle C. Straun I stand just a few steps away from the edge of the cliff, my old fear of heights clutching at my heart. Nemesis Valley below is still its deathsome self. Barren, its ancient lifelessness a relic of history—the accomplishment of mankind, laid out in shimmering splendor. I hear Zoë walking […]

Fiction Friday: The Origin of Conscientiousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Grind, by Gayle C. Straun

The Origin of Conscientiousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Grind by Gayle C. Straun He knows her through sound: When he presses deep into her early on, she tenses, her throat tightening on a groan just enough to give it a higher pitch, enough to tell him that she is not yet ready. And […]

Fiction Friday: Ragnarok by Gayle C. Straun

Ragnarok by Gayle C. Straun They breathed their heavy flames upon each other, these two sons of Muspel, their bodies the incarnation of fire—the heat of the inner earth and the power of volcanoes robed in muscle and bone and given wisdom of which even the gods were often jealous. They sighed furiously with wanting […]

Fiction Friday: Paradox, by Gayle C. Straun

Paradox by Gayle C. Straun I lean in to kiss her, and as our lips each part and our tongue tips find each other for the first and second time, I remember what she is thinking. She is wondering what someone would think if they saw us together, her all of eighteen and me that […]