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New ebook! JACKED IN: Transhumanist Erotica

Jacked In: Transhumanist Erotica edited by Gabrielle Harbowy $4.99 $3.99 ebook • ISBN 978-1-61390-094-9 100 pages, 30,501 words Formats: : ePubmobiPDFAll Formats [+ $+0.99] Seven sexy science fiction stories explore and celebrate the eroticism that becomes possible when humans are augmented and enhanced through technology. Cybernetic implants, interfaces, prosthetics, nanotech…. and sex. On sale for […]

Gay cyberpunk romance/mystery: Simulacrum by Rian Darcy now on sale!

Simulacrum by Rian Darcy ISBN: 978-1-61390-057-4 Word Count: 88,000 Page Count: 328 List Price: $6.99 Formats: : PDFepubmobi (Kindle)All formats [+ $0.99] Circlet Press digital titles are also available at the Amazon Kindle Store, B&N.com, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple’s iBookstore, and many independent booksellers via Google ebooks, as well as specialty ebookstores like All Romance eBooks, […]

Now in ebook form! Master Han’s Daughter by Midori

Master Han’s Daughter: Tales of Depraved NeoTokyo by Midori ISBN: 978-1-61390-039-0 Word Count: 43,560 • Page Count: 128 List Price: $5.99 ebook, single format (add 99 cents for all formats) (See the bottom of the post for the paperback edition, which is $9.95) Formats: : PDFmobi (Kindle)ePubAll Formats [+ $0.99] Circlet Press digital titles are […]

Sample an older Circlet title! Today: Mate

MateThree short stories of erotic science fiction with a BDSM edge. Terry Montiero and d’Schane Grey are techies whose relationship is fueled by their chess game–a power game. Originally published in 1992 as a chapbook, the stories have been unavailable for years until this eBook revival. Fans of m/m will enjoy these characters thoroughly. [Warnings: […]

An Analog Christmas, by Kal Cobalt

Happy Holidays! You’ve made it to the real gifts of Circlet.com’s Advent Calendar, the awesome stories you get to “keep” because they won’t disappear! An Analog Christmas, by Kal Cobalt All the themes at the Palmetto run together once you’ve lived in The Vegas as long as I have. They don’t correspond, at least not […]