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Circlet 100 Stragglers Post

No fewer than five people have come to me today to say “oops! I meant to do that! Please please can I join the Circlet 100?” Okay, okay! Since we’re not actually up to 100 participants yet, here’s a button for any stragglers who want to jump in to use. I will cut off participation […]

Circlet 100 Wrap Up! A success!

The “Circlet 100″ fundraiser has wrapped up, and here are the final stats. (Edit: Actually there have been enough stragglers coming to me today since I posted this, that I’ve put up a new Paypal button just to catch any last ones, here: http://www.circlet.com/?p=1186.) In the end we fell a little short of the goal, […]

Extending the Circlet 100 one more week!

We had a small snafu with ending dates on our ChipIn campaign, so there were people who tried to make their purchase today and found the widget showing “closed.” Whoops! I’ve opened a new widget and have extended the campaign to next Saturday to make sure everyone who wants the limited edition CD-ROM can get […]

We Need You. We Really, Really Need You.

JOIN THE CIRCLET 100. Our regular online shopping cart is down. But we need your help! Our first actual printed book in over 3 years, BEST EROTIC FANTASY, is ready to be manufactured. Bookstores have ordered it! Readers want it! But cash flow is so slow that paying the printer to fill the orders might […]