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Mark Does more Stuff, for Mary Anne Mohanraj!

Mark Reads… even more of Mary Anne’s new book, “The Stars Change”. We posted his reading of “The Night Air” a few days ago; now see his reaction to “Thick As A Brick”:

Review: Lost Girls by Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie

Lost Girls. Written by Alan Moore. Art by Melinda Gebbie. Top Shelf Productions. Three-volume edition, 2006; Single-volume edition, 2009. Reviewed by Gayle C. Straun Alan Moore has almost single-handedly shaped the way modern comics are now done. Watchmen, V for Vendetta, From Hell, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen are probably his most noteworthy creations, and [...]

Get a signed copy of The Marketplace & other news

Some news and notes for today: THE MARKETPLACE by Laura Antoniou is now available as both a paperback and as an ebook! This means you can walk into your favorite bookstore and order a printed copy, or get it from places like Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon. Laura will be signing and we will be [...]

Wired Hard 4 reviewed at Three Dollar Bill Reviews

Wired Hard 4 has received a very nice review from Three Dollar Bill! They call it “a collection of edgy, erotic stories that varies in subject matter and theme but all manage to be weird, totally unique, and pretty interesting.” “As the fourth edition, I can see why this series is popular and if the [...]

Book Review: Wishbone by Lauren P. Burka

Wishbone, by Lauren P. Burka $5.95 ebook Torquere Press BDSM m/m science fiction romance Reviewed by Kelly Kinkaid To describe the relationships in Lauren P. Burka’s Wishbone as intense is certainly an understatement. Wishbone, our charming titular character, is uprooted from his life of prostitution by a shih-aan. The shih-aan, an alien race who bloodily [...]

"Up for Grabs" reviewed

Up for Grabs has been reviewed by Emily at Good Reads: The possibilities are endless when you combine science fiction and sexual ambiguity, the ability to choose your own gender or not have to pick just one. The five stories in this anthology each take a very different approach, but each invariably plays with the [...]

Review for Wired Hard 4

The Erotica Readers and Writers Association has a nice review of Wired Hard 4. We now live in an era of ebooks and genetic engineering, instant messaging and cybersex, gender reassignment and gay marriage. The world has matured and many of the fantastic imaginings of Circlet’s authors have become familiar facts. In the second decade [...]

New books getting notice

The reviews are already starting to come in for Circlet’s new releases in the erotic fairy tale realm! The Baryon Review takes on all three books, Like a Thorn, Like a Queen, and Like a Prince, and calls them “entertaining and well written” and “Interesting and amazing stories that show the other places that imagination [...]

Rainbow Reviews has raves for "Up for Grabs."

Rainbow Reviews has reviewed Circlet’s recent ebook anthology Up for Grabs. Here’s what they have to say: Delicious, delirious, delightful! I couldn’t put down this collection of five thought provoking, totally fresh and completely hot stories of gender turned on its ear (or some other body part). “Only For Myself” by Zachary Jernigan leads off [...]

Erotic Writers Guide recommended

Executive Style magazine recently recommended the Erotic Writers Market Guide in an advice column for women. A reader had written in asking about whether reading erotica was a good way to “get in the mood,” and where to find stuff that wasn’t “crude or amateurish.” The columnist suggested that there is now a wide range of high quality erotica for women, but why not try writing some yourself?

Indeed! And in honor of the review, I’m putting the book on sale THIS WEEK ONLY for $10! Regular cover price is $19.95. Sale price is good until March 29th!

Read the whole thing here: