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Ten Dirty Books #10: Three Writers on “The Marketplace”

Our final Dirty Book is the multiple volumes of the Marketplace series, which, after a tangled and sordid publication history, is now available in its entirety from Circlet. We got so many requests to write about the series that we decided to do something a little special for this one. What follows is three (3) […]

Ten Dirty Books #9: Violet Vernet on “Memoirs of a Voluptuary”

The Dirty Books series is drawing to a close…or perhaps ascending to a climax. Today, sherlockian scribe Violet Vernet vividly evokes the carefree debauchery of her new favorite turn-of-the-century novel. At the bottom of the post, you can participate in our Dirty Book project yourself and win some dirty books of your own. And come […]

Ten Dirty Books #8: Elisabeth Schechter on “Kushiel’s Dart”

Today, multiple award finalist Elisabeth Schechter describes her relationship with a modern kinky erotic SF classic. And once you get to the end, you can do social media stuff to win free books from us. Come back tomorrow for Velvet Vernet’s appreciation of another Victorian classic In 2001 or 2002, I received as a gift […]

Ten Dirty Books #7: C. L. Cuttner on “The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty”

Sorry for the late posting! We are all still reeling from Readercon last weekend, where a good time was had by all, except perhaps the people trying to discuss horror fiction next to the History of Butts in Art and Literature Panel. Today’s essayist is the shadowy & mysterious C. L. Cuttner on a controversial, […]

Ten Dirty Books #6: Vinnie Tesla on “The Pearl”

My turn next! I’m Vinnie Tesla. I write dirty stories, some of which owe a very big debt to the Victorian pornographic novels that I loved and still love. Pandemonium Unlimited, or, A Strained Analogy Trying to assess my battered mass-market paperback of The Pearl is like trying to write a book review of a […]

Ten Dirty Books #5: Nobilis on “My Secret Garden”

Nobilis Reed is renowned as the host of the greatest English-language science fiction erotica podcast the world has ever known. In addition to often featuring Circlet fiction on his ‘cast, he has contributed to several Circlet anthologies. His story “A Vision in X-Ray and Visible Light” was part of Circlet’s recent best-of collection, Fantastic Erotica. […]

Ten Dirty Books #4: Julie Cox on “The Erotofluidic Age”

Julie Cox is the woman of the hour. Her West Texas erotic fantasy serial Capricious just came out as a downloadable ebook (you can also still read all the episodes for free on this site); she is the featured writer on this month’s Circlet Presents podcast; and of course she is the author of today’s […]

Ten Dirty Books #3: Dan Kimmel on Page 27 of “The Godfather”

For many of us, one… seminal… scene, read at just the right age, can shape the development of our imaginations forever after. For today’s Dirty Book, critic, academic, and Friend of Circlet Dan Kimmel tells us about one such scene from his own formative years. At the bottom of this post, you can sign up […]

Ten Dirty Books #2: Annabeth Leong on “Bending”

For our second Dirty Book, Annabeth Leong considers writer/blogger/activist Greta Christina’s Bending, and gives us a tour of both its kinks and its big ideas. Scroll to the bottom and do social media stuff to win free books from us. And come back tomorrow to read Dan Kimmel’s appreciation of a particularly… affecting… scene from […]

Ten Dirty Books #1: Dame Bodacious on “The Way of a Man With a Maid”

Our series starts with Dame Bodacious‘ appreciation of a classic Victorian erotic novel. Scroll to the bottom for a chance to participate and win Circlet books, and come back tomorrow when Annabeth Leong writes about a much more recent work. Like most good suburban girls back in the days before the internet, I learned about […]