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A brand-new erotic holiday story! Witching You A Merry Christmas by Roxanne Rhoads

Witching You A Merry Christmas by Roxanne Rhoads Vicki walked into Daniel’s great room and curiously eyed the Christmas tree he was decorating. The twinkling lights lit up the whole room. Multicolored sparkles bounced off the walls and furniture. “I didn’t know vampires celebrated Christmas,” she said with a hint of sarcasm even though the […]

A special erotic holiday story! Snowbound, by Elizabeth Schechter

SNOWBOUND by Elizabeth Schechter “It’s coming down pretty hard here, Mom. Nick says that he can’t even see the car in the driveway, and he doesn’t think we’d be able to get off of our street, let alone to the airport…” “Which, by the way, they just closed,” I heard Nick call from the other […]

An original erotic holiday story! Red Christmas by Joe Nobel

Red Christmas by Joe Nobel He lives on Mars. She lives on Earth. It’s Christmas. She decorates a tree. She’d picked a small one that fit her small mood for the season. She works hard at not letting depression seep in. As festive as the season can be, with snow, lights, and holographic Santas prancing […]

An exclusive holiday erotic story! Celebrating Together by Kathleen Tudor

Celebrating Together by Kathleen Tudor Cassin stared at the beautiful planet below her, but as much as she wanted to, she could barely focus on the strangely colored globe. “What makes the water red?” she asked, trying to bring her attention to the ruby seas. “There’s an organism that lives in the water. It’s photosynthetic; […]