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Found a bug in one of our ebooks? A typo in one of our print books? Having a problem with the web site?

Report your bug by replying to the bug report post.

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  1. Comment by Kate Dominic:

    When I tried leaving a comment about a free story, I inadvertently left off my email address. An error message page came up, but it didn’t link back to the message page. Only option was to close the box, which took me from the Circlet site.

  2. Comment by ctan:

    Huh, that’s curious. I’m pretty sure that’s not what’s supposed to happen, but I’ll have to dig around to figure out where that code is… Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Comment by J:

    When I click the “more details” link for an e-book, nothing happens. This occurs in both Opera and Firefox.

    • Comment by ctan:

      J, that’s just started happening for me in Firefox, also, whereas it worked fine just last week. I’m not sure what changed. For now it looks like my only recourse is to move everything into the main info box for each product and not have the “more” box, at least until the web developers who wrote the shopping cart figure out what changed in the World Wide Web…?

  4. Comment by Paul:

    bug report: the illustration for “Like an Iron Fist: Dystopian Erotica” is missing from page_id=3 on your website

  5. Comment by Erica:

    Hi there,
    I was trying to apply the coupon sent in my monthly email to the book “Like butterflies in iron” but it came up with the error “Maximum coupon redemption limit reached!”

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