You can advertise here on a number of ways.

Project Wonderful
Most of the graphic ads you see here a buttons, squares, and banners, are bought through Project Wonderful for mere pennies a day. Click on any of the ad boxes where it says “advertise here” to be brought directly to a PW page to bid on that ad size. You only pay if your bid is the winning bid, and even then you only pay enough to outbid the next lowest bidder. That way you never overpay for advertising, but the sites like ours receive a fair amount based on what people are willing to pay. It truly is “wonderful.”

The ads in the upper left column (headlined as “Circlet’s circle”) are fed by a site called BlogAds. BlogAds allows you to buy ads not just on, but on like-minded sites, too, like Susie Bright’s popular blog, many gay and lesbian web sites, and liberal political blogs and sites. The easiest way to get started there is to click on the “Advertise Here!” link at the bottom of the BlogAd which is probably just to the left of this paragraph in the left column!

If you have a site that also runs BlogAds, we’d be happy to trade you a freebie ad for one or two weeks! Contact us at “circletintern” AT gmail and let’s exchange free offer coupon codes!

Google AdWords & AdSense
We do not run Google Ads. Google is not supportive of sites like ours, which they are too afraid are “adult” in nature. Their definition of what is “adult” is very very broad and discriminatory.

Other Ads
You can, of course, just buy a banner ad and pay for it, which we’ll run. All ads must be prepaid via PayPal or check before running. Here are the suggested prices:

Center Column, 120 h x 460 w
Placed above most recent article in blog content.
$20 for one week, $12 for each consecutive week up to 4 weeks total
$50 for the first month, $35 for each consecutive month thereafter
No pornographic images or super-annoying animated GIFs. We host the image ourselves with links you provide.

Right hand column, 120 w, up to 600 h
Placed just below the Blogads box.
$10/week for 120 h, $5 for each additional 120 pixels of height up to 600 max, $7/$3 on additional consecutive weeks

Left hand column
Text link ads are $3 per word per month with a minimum of three words for three months or a minimum $30 per order. So for example, the text “Click for free erotic stories” would be five words. At $3 each that would be $15 for one month, but to make the $30 minimum it would need to run for 2 months. All text link ads must be paid in advance via PayPal. URLs count as one word within reason, i.e. an ad which read “” we’d count as one word, but one that read “” we’d count as seven. I mean, seriously, people…

Reciprocal Linkage
Reciprocal links cost nothing if you will give us similar placement and our sites are simpatico. Email “circletintern” AT gmail with your proposal.

We’re open to suggestions, too.

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