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Circlet Press sells ebooks, audio MP3s, and printed books.

The ebooks and MP3s are available for instant download. Well, instant once you click “Return to Circlet Press” from your Paypal completion window. You will be returned to a transaction results page here and an encrypted link for your to download your product(s) immediately will appear. A back-up email with the link will also be sent to you.

If you do not see the link or the email does not arrive (check your spam filter!), please comment on your transaction results page or email circletintern at gmail dot com, and we will just email you the digital file directly.

You can also purchase our ebooks at the Amazon Kindle Store, Fictionwise (all formats), Barnes &, All Romance Ebooks (most formats), Smashwords (most formats), Scribd (PDF), Rainbow eBooks, and many other online sources, but at this time our MP3s of aural erotica are only available to download straight from us. Printed books (yes, those still exist!) are always available from fine bookstores everywhere, or from us.

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