Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Purchasers
Purchasers of products or digital content from circlet.com must be of legal age/legally able to purchase the material according to their local laws. If you are purchasing, you certify you are legally able to do so.

Digital products are delivered instantly via a unique link to the purchaser. The link expires after 72 hours. Purchasers of digital content accept a personal license for use of the material and do not have permission to share the digital file with others nor upload it to pirate or filesharing sites. Each user should purchase his or her own copy.

Physical products are shipped Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation within the USA, Air Mail to all other countries. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery, but realistically we ship a heck of a lot faster than that.

Customers should notify us of any problems as soon as possible via email to circletintern @ gmail . com.

DRM Policy (No DRM!)
Our statement on DRM (Digital Rights Management, aka “copy protection”): We don’t believe in putting DRM on our digital products. Experience and data have shown that all DRM does is annoy, inconvenience, and anger legitimate customers, while doing nearly nothing to prevent pirates from making illegal copies anyway. We encourage and support our customers in having a choice of devices and a choice of formats. If a customer loses their copy of a downloaded file (fire, stolen device, corrupted by virus, etc…) if they can provide proof of purchase (in the form of a paypal transaction ID, for example), we will provide the customer with a new digital copy of the file. Email circlet.admin @ gmail.com with proof of purchase if you need a replacement. If you purchased an ebook from another retail site and it came with DRM-enabled, that was the choice of the retailer and not us. We have disabled retail DRM wrappers wherever we can.

Email List Policy
We do not spam. Circlet Press does have an email news and announcements list that purchasers and donors must opt in to. Anyone who is 18 years of age or older can also request to be added to the list at any time with no purchase required. Anyone on the list may request removal or remove themselves via our unsubscribe functions in every email from the list. At this time our email newsletter is sent about once a month.

Privacy Policy
Circlet Press does not share customer data with anyone. Names and email addresses are not sold nor shared.

Posting Policy
We welcome comments on our blog posts, but we will remove any comments which promote racist, sexist, hateful, or sex-negative views. We are a sex-positive organization and we believe strongly that freedom of erotic expression is an important key to human happiness, and that promotion of the erotic imagination is healthy. Spam comments will also be deleted. Unfortunately, any comment with multiple links in it may be caught by our spam filter and deleted; our apologies for any inconvenience.

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