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Posting Policies: We welcome comments on our blog posts, but we will remove any comments which promote racist, sexist, hateful, or sex-negative views. We are a sex-positive organization and we believe strongly that freedom of erotic expression is an important key to human happiness, and that promotion of the erotic imagination is healthy.

Statement on DRM:We don’t consider DRM to be effective or reader-friendly. We publish our digital books without DRM (digital rights management) software. This means if you have bought a downloadable file direct from us, you don’t need a special password to access the file or to copy it from one device to another. Some third-party retailers may add their own DRM ‘wrapper’ to downloads, but on all sites where the publisher is allowed to control it, we have disabled it.

Company Profile & History

Circlet Press is an independent publisher dedicated to “celebrating the erotic imagination.” In specific, we are known for existing in the niche we call “erotic science fiction.” (Which means, of course, that we do fantasy, too, but lack a decent catch-all term for our genre.) If you’re just discovering us, we’ve been around since March 1992, when our first book, “Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords” by Cecilia Tan, was published, debuting at the Lunacon science fiction convention. “Mate” by Lauren P. Burka came shortly thereafter, in April.

What has followed since then is a long string of books, mostly anthologies but also some stand-alone books, featuring the work of such noted authors as Francesca Lia Block (Weetzie Bat, Dangerous Angels), Lawrence Schimel (Two Boys In Love), Catherine Asaro (The Last Hawk), Nancy Kilpatrick (writing as Amarantha Knight), Delia Sherman (The Porcelain Dove, Fall of the Kings), Carol Queen (The Leatherdaddy and the Femme), as well as giving many, many writers their start in either erotica, sf/f, or both. Among the writers who are fairly well known now who sold either their first or one of their very early works to us: Mary Anne Mohanraj, Gary Bowen, M. Christian, Thomas S. Roche, Raven Kaldera, and others.

At the time of this update (May 2010), Circlet has 27 books in print, with nearly an equal number no longer in print. This intrepid small press has survived the bankruptcies of its distributor twice, has weathered the “boom” and crash of the gay book business, and continues to rely on the whims of the two hegemonic behemoths in the book biz (Borders and Barnes & Noble) to survive. (Don’t we all.)

Circlet titles have been nominated for many awards, including the Independent Press Awards, Ben Franklin/PMA Awards, the Lambda Literary Award, Spectrum Award for gay/lesbian science fiction, Firecracker Alternative Book Award, and others. In May 2010 our anthology “Like A Thorn” received the NLA: International award for best anthology.

The latest venture within Circlet is the blogsite you are reading this “about” page on. “Circlet 2.0″–as we affectionately call it–will continue to further our mission… oh wait, we still never quite described our mission.

“Celebrating the erotic imagination” is rather nebulous, but everything we’ve done has fit into what is for us a mission to open up and mark out new territory in both erotica and sf/fantasy. In 1991, when we began, the majority of the erotica (and porn writing) being published in English was formulaic and boring, and very, very, “real world.” Anne Rice hadn’t yet brought her vampires out of the closet, and people’s idea of “erotic science fiction” was alien abductions with anal probes. (UH, fun, but there could be so much more…!) The science fiction and fantasy genres, meanwhile, were mired in the idea that their target audience still consisted of 13-year-old boys, who don’t like “mushy” stuff, and whose parents would freak out if the content were too “adult.”

Of course, polls showed quite firmly that the average sf/f paperback reader was more likely to be female (55% at that time) than male, and between the ages of 25 and 35, and many older than that. And our own experiences within the alternative sexuality communities of leather, fetish, and bisexuality, showed us that there was an almost universal interest in sf/fantasy among those populations. Where were the books for those folks? Where were the books for us?

Well, someone had to start publishing them, and we did. Consistent praise from reviewers, a growing submission pile, the addition of various high-profile authors, and the inclusion of many Circlet stories in Best American Erotica and other such places, defined our “golden age” in the 1990s, when alternative culture as a whole redefined many genre boundaries in mainstream media. The emergence of writers like Poppy Z. Brite, Circlet’s founder Cecilia Tan, and others pushing the envelope of erotic content within the sf/f genre at this time was eased by the expansion of the genre’s boundaries brought about by Circlet, and led to the eventual smash successes of works like the Black Jewels books by Anne Bishop, Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel books, and others.

Anne Rice even let her vampires out of the closet, allowing Lestat to refer to Louis as his “lover.” (Despite the fact that her vampires don’t have any sex.)

So what comes next for little Circlet Press? The website/blog continues to foster that imaginative spark that puts fantasy and erotica together. We will be hosting a podcast which will include short audio fictions, interviews with writers, and more. The site features essays by our authors and noted writers on such subjects as the intersection between erotica and sf, our need for fantasy, and why the alien abduction with anal probe story is STILL not hot for us (but is for some people).

As of Spring 2010 we have eight developmental editors acquiring manuscripts for anthologies and working with our authors to develop full-length projects. We have published over 30 ebook originals in the past 2 years, with many more on the way. Microfictions run on the site every Friday, and serialized fiction on Wednesday, with news, reviews, and essays on various Tuesdays and Thursdays, and excerpts from new books on Mondays.

Wikipedia on Circlet Press: clicky!

Some online press:
A Conversation from DAZE Reader online magazine between authors/editors M. Christian and Cecilia Tan.

Recommended reading from the Speculative Literature Foundation.

Reading list of feminist SF/F from FeministSF.org.

Interview with Cecilia Tan from Strange Horizons magazine.

Review of Erotic Fantastic at The Harrow.

One Of Us profile on Cecilia Tan from Boston’s Bay Windows newspaper.

Praise For Circlet Press

“Fabulous books! There’s nothing else like them.”
– Susie Bright, editor of Best American Erotica

“The writing is superb and the use of SF tropes is skilled. Many of our SF writers would do well to emulate these authors for they have renewed the future. And it is brave, bold, and sexy indeed.”
SFRA Review

“If you happen to be turned on by fabulous, fluent, and imaginative writing, mixed with inventive and significant sexual encounters and a lively sense of humor, I highly recommend the short story anthologies from Boston-based Circlet Press.”
Paramour Magazine

“These gentle books hold your attention, are highly spiritual, intelligently written and oh so smooth to read!”

“The tropes of fantasy and science fiction can inspire erotica that stretches the imagination of both writer and reader. No one need argue that point anymore: [Circlet Press] proves it.”
Lambda Book Report

“Circlet Press has rapidly established itself as a consistently orginal publishing house… All Circlet Press volumes maintain a high standard of writing and a welcome greater unpredictability in their narratives than writings to be found in some… formulaic erotic imprints.”
Skin Two

“Cecilia Tan and Circlet Press need to be praised for their dedication to the cause of erotica in speculative fiction. …The imaginative breadth of speculative fiction gives its writers the chance to be among the forerunners in an exciting and very necessary movement.”

“It’s hard not to enjoy the pleasures of reading tasteful erotica from Circlet.”
True Review

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  1. Comment by Jason Bustard:

    I am wondering what happened to the Best SciFi/F Errotica Contest that was listed in the 2009 Writer’s Market. I copied the info out on my last trip to te library, but I can’t find any rules, info or submission guidelines on your site. Has it been canceled? Or am I just blind? (Grandpa was right, it did make me blind!)

    • Comment by ctan:

      Jason, we fell behind on the previous contest. Volume 2 is now slated to be published in Spring 2010, and that’s when we’ll run the next round of it. We’ll add submission info here when we actually open the contest to submissions, possibly on Valentine’s Day 2010. We’re still working out the next reading schedule.

      • Comment by Jason Bustard:

        Aha! Well that’s disappointing. How about this, then: I have a longer story (~20k words) that I am interested in selling. Its fantasy elements include modern day fey. I’ll check your current contest again, but I think that it’s too long even if it fits your requested theme. Will you consider submissions outside the current contest? I’d be more than happy to send you a sample if that would help!

        • Comment by lpb:

          As is stated elsewhere on this page, Jason, you’ll make much more progress towards eventual publication if you send queries to the proper places instead of posting them on a blog. Since we put a lot of effort into writing our guidelines and keeping the calls for submissions current, we’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to read them.

  2. Comment by Josh Reese:

    Hi, I have wrote a book in the Prarnormal Romance, and I’m looking for an agent to represent me. I’m a new author and would like to know who to send the manuscript to. Also how much of it to send.

    • Comment by ctan:

      Josh, honestly, my first piece of advice to you would be to get in the habit of using correct grammar and spelling in all your communications with publishing professionals. If your manuscript is anything like the comment above, no one will look past its first sentence before rejecting it. Second, you will make more progress toward publication if you actually direct your queries to the proper places. We are not an agency nor a referral service, so we have no answers for your questions. Although we appreciate your attempt here to get informed, in the age of Google, there’s not much excuse for you to trying to get the information you need by leaving random comments in publishers blogs.

  3. Comment by C. O'Brien:

    I am interested in getting erotic short stories published. I have 2 ready for publication, approx. 6000 words in each and am contempleting writng a few more (6 or 7) to either complete a book or else publish individually. Can you advise if you are interested or can help. Thanks.

    • Comment by ctan:

      You would do better to read the actual writers guidelines page on this website, which I will note, happens to advise writers NOT to leave queries in comments on publishers’ blogs because it makes it look like you just didn’t bother to read the guidelines.

  4. Comment by Jack Bokholt:

    After two of my novels of fiction have been published I did a change of pace and wrote a novel containing Sex, coules sex, incest, lesbianism, gang bangs, and orgies. It’s grafically worded and is about a 38 year old woman who us unable to get enought sex, so loving husband helps her. When she is having sex with other men he feels if she is happy, he is happy for her. The novel is titled “Andria’ and is 111,620 words in 8 chapters. It’s written in Microsoft works word prosessor and is in Times New Roman style in size 18 font type. If this fits your format let me know and I’ll e-mail the story.
    Jack Bokholt at “jadaone@windstream.net” Writting under the pen name Bruno Bommer

  5. Comment by L.K.S.G. McDowell:

    I just wanted to say I just finished reading Faewolf and thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a few editing errors but nothing to detract from the story. I can’t wait for the sequel! Also wish Circlet would publish more novels. This one was excellent!

  6. Comment by D'vient:

    Hi, I was hoping you could help me, I’ve been trying to locate a book by Laura Antoniou called, Some Women, With little success,I have found it advertised on various sites but when i come to order it im told its out of stock. Is this book still available? if so could you give me any idea of where from.

  7. Comment by Joanna:

    Hi, I was just wondering how the process for Erotic Lovecraft “Whispers in Darkness” was going. Now that the submission deadline is over, when and how will authors be notified of whether their entries have been accepted for publication? It’s my first ever submission to Circlet, so I’m kind of jumpy and inquisitive about it. Thanks. :)

  8. Comment by ken:

    Dear sirs,
    I have a few short stories I have written and would like to know how to get published. I have shared my stories with over 200 women and 196 said I should get them published and they would definitely buy them. These are not friends but strangers who just chatted with me for a short period. Can you help me?

  9. Comment by spaceopera:

    Dear Circlet,

    Would you be interested in distributing my pornographic science fiction novels and graphic novel? They contain illustrations and the graphic novel is in comic book form. Please go to my web site for more information.



    Nicola Cuti

    CEO of Moonie Productions a division of Ni-Cola Entertainment LLC

  10. Comment by seo services:

    The abssentee balots are through the roof with a decided advantage for Brown.

  11. Comment by Jim:

    Cecilia, I met you at Good Vibrations and gave you an old copy of Paramour magazine. It was very nice meeting you, and I will continue to read your erotica and baseball writings.

    Sincerely, a fan,

    Jim Muzzi

  12. Comment by Mirss:

    My friend Ibrael have written a pseudo erotic/porn gay abecedary with all the images drawed for him self and he will like to publish her abecedary.
    But we are from spain and here the editorials don’t publish gay erotical things so he think maybe he could publish it on london i will let you her page web where are the first 3 letters

    see you ^^

  13. Comment by Eugene 13:

    I have a novel, 170,000 words, it’s about growing up in southern calif in the sixtys, very graphic, drug use and dealing, sex, violence,rock and roll. many historical charecters (all dead) and references, vietnam war, watts riots, monterey pop festival. elements; bikers, hippies,smugglers,dope dealers,campus militants, gays,farmers, and of course the cops. written from the dope dealers point of view, very anti establishment and anti religious. all i need is a publisher.

  14. Comment by Alan Place:

    Dear Ms Tan,
    I have written two stories which may be of interest to you. One is a erotic love story about two mature people who meet by accident at a hospital and develop a relationship. The other is my new erotic ghost story about a young girl who falls for a stranded sailor. Both stories have erotic moments but are written as romances not strictly erotica.

    Alan Place

    • Comment by Cecilia Tan:

      Alan, you really ought to read the writers guidelines which are right here on this website. Among other things you’ll learn the following from them:
      1) we do not accept pitches left in comments
      2) the number one reason stories are rejected by us is that they don’t have enough sex in them. Stories that have “erotic moments but… not strictly erotica” are better off sent some place that is scared of sex. That place is most definitely not here.

  15. Comment by Lisa:

    Just rediscovered you and found the Press. I have signed up for email news. I am glad to see you are not afraid to tell would-be authors straight out that spelling, grammar and punctuation count. I look forward to exploring your publications.
    One question: does Kobe format work on kindle?
    Thank you.

  16. Comment by Tonya Felder:

    I write erotic novels, how would I go about submitting a novel to Circlet Press so that I can make money from it. Do you e-publish, paper back or both. I am totally interested in becoming an authoress on your site, please send me information and guidelines of what I can do to accomplish it. Thank you so much for your time.

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