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Molly Maddox, author of ALPHA, a paranormal werewolf/human romance set during the zombie apocalypse in Manhattan, has recently written some essays and articles about writing ALPHA and her take on werewolf relations and other topics. Check out her essays on:

On werewolf love at Patricia’s Vampire Notes:

“My first encounter with werewolf lit was Annette Curtis Klause’s Blood and Chocolate, which, thereafter, was promptly removed from the school library due to “unseemly content.” I immediately bought my own copy. The sensual, liberated world of Klause’s teengaged loup garou drew me in, made me want more.”

On nerd love at Smexy Books:

“Nerd love is always one of those things portrayed with extreme stereotype in mainstream media. Two bespectacled labrats smirk over brown paper bags and Star Trek lunchboxes in the company breakroom. Two awkward kids slump at movie festivals until, gently, gingerly, they touch hands in the popcorn bucket. Libraries and computer labs fairly crackle with silence and unrequited lust. Sighs, lingering looks, and daydreams abound. As a nerd, myself, I have to say that these romances, while blatantly inaccurate, have their unseemly, simmering, and delightful qualities to them.”

On loving “big men” at Wicked Thorn and Roses:

“While traveling in the circles of big men, I’ve found a lot of things. The first is a usual development of a higher personality: a faster wit, a stronger voice, a more omnivorous mind. This may be because, as fat boys, they get shit anyway…so what’s the harm in admitting that you love Journey? Another theory is that, as far the taller of the kind go, there’s a certain aspect of danger in confronting a big man…and in courting one. It tickles my biological funny bone to realize the big man on my arm is my lover, my partner, and my bodyguard, not that I’d need any from the list.”

ALPHA has been getting great reviews, by the way. Darkraven’s Reviews gave it “5 divas” and said “Ms. Maddox did a wonderful job with her characters. The plot in Alpha moves along well with twists, turns and hot sex to keep you riveted, wanting to know what happens next.” Meanwhile, LovesRomances wrote “For a debut author, I thought the story flowed very nicely and I can’t wait to read more by Molly Maddox.” Congrats, Molly!

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