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This year marks Circlet Press’s twentieth anniversary of “celebrating the erotic imagination” with the best offerings in erotic science-fiction and fantasy. From the earliest days of chapbooks stapled together and sold by word-of-mouth on convention floors to embracing the cutting-edge ebook technology of today, Circlet has endured thanks to our passionate and discerning readership. In celebration of our anniversary and your continued support, we’re happy to announce our plans to publish the best of Circlet’s digital library in a print anthology this fall. And since we couldn’t have lasted this long without you, we want your input!

The list below contains stories from each of our ebook-only anthologies, short-listed for their excellence by the editors at Circlet Press. Now it’s your turn to honor your favorites. Please vote for up to five stories you would like to see in the printed anthology. Your votes and the consideration of Circlet staff will determine which stories will ultimately appear in this anthology and which are truly the best of the best. The author of the top rated story will receive a prize of $250. Second and third place stories’ authors will each receive a prize of $100. All authors whose stories appear in this anthology will be receiving $50.

POLL IS NOW CLOSED! We received over a thousand votes from over 700 different voters! We will be combining this tally with the staff votes and release the final list of stories that have been picked on April 16th.



Which of these short stories would you like to see in the Best of Circlet's Digital Library printed anthology? (You may select up to five!)

Total Voters: 732

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  1. Comment by Spike:

    Where’s The Ontological Engine?

  2. Comment by Arinn Dembo:

    My story “Monsoon” was also ineligible. :(

  3. Comment by Katie S.:

    I was looking for Like Crimson Droplets by Kiershin Cherry

    • Comment by Jennifer Williams:

      Kierstin’s story “Enslaved” which appears in the anthology Like Crimson Droplets is nominated and you will find it at the bottom of the poll. Hope that helps.

  4. Comment by Sacchi Green:

    There’s a long excerpt from “The Pirate Who Fell From the Sky” on my blog,

  5. Comment by Michael M. Jones:

    I’ve posted an excerpt from “The Devil’s Masquerade” here:

  6. Comment by Elizabeth Reeve:

    I followed Sacchi Green’s lead and put an excerpt from “A Woman of Uncommon Accomplishment” up here:

  7. Comment by David Sklar:

    There’s an excerpt from “Wood” here:

    It also appears in the Sweet Somethings Sampler .

  8. Comment by matt6708:

    Why can’t I make a vote? Where are the links to place a vote here? any help gratefully received!

  9. Comment by Clarice Clique:

    I am so happy to have my story included. This was my first story to be included in an anthology and I can still recall the confidence it gave me! I also recall the thrill of seeing this review too or read more on my site

  10. Comment by Matt:

    When will this be published? I’d like to get a copy for me and the cover model.

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