Awards News! Circlet takes home 2 NLA awards

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NLA: International, the activist organization for BDSM/leather/fetish community announced the winners for its annual awards for excellence in SM/leather/fetish writing this past weekend at the organization’s Annual General Meeting in Oklahoma City, OK. Circlet Press has taken home two of the awards!

LIKE A THORN: BDSM Fairy Tales, edited by Sarah Desautels and Cecilia Tan, won in the anthology category, and a story from the anthology, “The Last Mistress of the Chatelaine,” by Kieran Wyn Dewhurst, took home the John Preston Short Fiction award!

“LIKE A THORN was truly Sarah’s vision,” said Tan of her co-editor. “She hatched the idea for the book and made the real decisions on what stories to accept, shepherded the writers through revisions, and even helped design the cover and provided the cover photograph. I’m so thrilled for her and Kieran.”

LIKE A THORN is available as an ebook download from:

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