Advent Calendar: The 8th Day Of XXX-Mas

In the mood for a mystery? We’ve got your number. Our offering for you on this, the 8th day of XXX-Mas, is The Viscountess Investigates: A Dominion Erotic Mystery. Follow the Viscountess and her loyal slave Severin as they track their case through the erotic Dominions, where BDSM and magic are the order of the day. Use code XXXmasCase at checkout to get your copy for just 99¢!

The Viscountess Investigates
by Cameron Quintain

The Viscountess and Severin are not typical detectives, nor typical mistress and slave. They inhabit the kinky universe of "Dominions" hidden from the real world. Tracking a murderer takes them through a Victorian London where "fox" hunts involve no animals and a feudal Japan home to magical jade dildos. Their loving bond as owner and slave is tested as they Scene their way to solving the mystery.

The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 14

Welcome to The Prince’s Boy by Cecilia Tan, a tale of a prince and his whipping boy ensnared in a plot of dark erotic magic. Warning: explores themes of dubious consent and situations of sexual jeopardy. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Wednesday. This week is Chapter Fourteen: Kenet

14: Kenet


I ascended the stairs into Seroi’s tower, passing through the barrier of incense and into the chamber.

He no longer had any pretense of being robed when I would enter. For a few days he would tell me the moment I came into his domain to shed my clothes and then kneel on the designated spot. Then one day he no longer told me, but just stared at me, one eyebrow raised, until I did so. Now he did not even look up from what he was writing until after I had been kneeling there for several minutes.

“Very good,” he said, without looking up, and I felt the words of praise wash through me like a warm draught. Then I was dashed with cold water: “But you are still not quite ready.” Continue reading The Prince’s Boy: Chapter 14

Advent Calendar: The 7th Day Of XXX-Mas

Ever wonder what we do over in the Circlet offices? Aside from publish fantastic books, that is. I’m afraid I can’t tell you — we’re all pretty normal, really, but it turns out the cats are Top Secret. You’ll have to console yourselves with a copy of Like A Circlet Editor,  a collection of erotic fantasies about what might be happening behind closed doors. (Or in doorways. Under desks. Behind filing cabinets. In our mail room. At the bar after work. You get the idea.) Get your 99¢ copy today with coupon code XXXmasWrite at checkout!

Like A Circlet Editor: Erotic Fantasies of Our Offices
Edited by Bethany Zaiatz
and D. Mark Alderton

What is Circlet Press is really like? Do you really want to know? Instead, live the fantasy. Join our interns and editors and writers as they engage in the sort of action that you come to expect from Circlet, and let's all pretend this is the way it really is. You know you wish it was. And here's our secret: we do too.
Also available in paperback!

Capricious: Chapter 6

Welcome to Capricious by Julie Cox, a Texan tale of love and magic. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Tuesday. This week is Chapter Six. Listen to the audio version at Nobilis Erotica here!

Chapter 6


There was little time for chupacabra hunting during the week. Luke was up before dawn, as he normally was, to feed and water the animals, gather the eggs, milk the goats, check on a broody hen, weed the vegetable garden, spray the peach trees, and make note of the thousand little chores that needed to be done. The list rattled through his head on his way to work. Fix the fence posts that were rotting off at the bottom. Get the bees out of the shed–after building a beehive for them to go into. Take down the dead bois d’arc. Get the deadwood out of the trees near the house. Trim the goats’ hooves. Treat the chickens for lice and mites. Get more diatomaceous earth to deworm the chickens. Deworm the goats. Take the dogs in for their shots. Dogs…. Continue reading Capricious: Chapter 6

Advent Calendar: The 6th Day Of XXX-Mas

Tired? Run-down? Clearly what you need on this, the 6th day of XXX-Mas, is a copy of Coffee: Hot, our anthology dedicated to erotic tales of that bewitching brew.  Get your
copy today only for just 99¢ with coupon code XXXmasDrink at checkout!

Coffee: Hot
Coffee-flavored erotica! In this anthology, nine authors go a new direction to discover how coffee relates to the fantastical erotic world. This volume includes gods who steam milk (and make steamy love), coffee smugglers, and even some tentacles. (Wondering about how there can be coffee shop erotica with tentacles? Read to find out.)
Also available in paperback!

Advent Calendar: The 5th Day Of XXX-Mas

Hear ye, hear ye! On this, our Fifth day of XXX-Mas, we offer ye the fantabulous fables of Nights of the Round Table, all of the naughtiest Arthurian tales that were somehow omitted by Chrètien de Troyes and Sir Thomas Malory.  With only the magic incantation XXXmasNight at checkout, you can get your copy today for just 99¢!

Nights of the Round Table: Arthurian Erotica
King Arthur. Guinevere. Uther Pendragon. Morgana le Fay. Merlin the Wizard. Sir Lancelot. Sir Gawain. Mordred. Maybe you know all of these names and more; maybe you've only heard of a few. Maybe you've heard of sordid love affairs or magic enchantments gone wrong. Tales of the world of Camelot have been adapted into animated movies, television dramas, Broadway musicals... and now erotica. Read about Arthur’s origins from the steamy love affair of King Uther and Igraine, a woman married to another man. Take a peek into the mind of Mordred, a villain against his own choosing, as he seeks out his own pleasure before fulfilling his destiny. See how Arthur and Lancelot ache for each other, and feel your pulse quicken as they finally give in to temptation.
Also available in paperback!

Advent Calendar: The 4th Day Of XXX-Mas

Welcome one and all to this, our Fourth Day of XXX-Mas. Today’s treat is Wishbone by Lauren P Burka, a science-fiction tale of spies, danger, and erotic M/M romance. Use code XXXmasWish at checkout to get your copy for 99¢, today only!

Wishbone has a risky life as a dockside rentboy. When one of the supposedly demonic shih-aan takes him home, he learns how dangerous he truly is: dangerously seductive, known only as Sir. M/M erotic sf/fantasy romance.
Also available in paperback!

Advent Calendar: The 3rd Day Of XXX-Mas

It’s the third day of our XXX-Mas celebration, and we’re offering Mary Anne Mohanraj’s The Stars Change, collected tales of life, death, sex, war, wisdom, and knowledge. Today only, get your copy for just 99¢ with coupon code XXXmasStars at checkout!

The Stars Change by Mary Anne Mohanraj
A thought-provoking work on sexuality and the connections between people–whether male or female, human or alien–The Stars Change is part space opera, part literary mosaic of story, poem, and art.
Also available in paperback!

Advent Calendar: The 2nd Day Of XXX-Mas

Greetings, Circlet fans! Today is the second day of our XXX-Mas celebration, and we’d like to offer you MakerSex, an anthology of DIY erotica edited by Annabeth Leong. Get your copy today for just 99¢ with coupon code XXXmasToy at checkout!

MakerSex: Erotic Stories of Geeks, Hackers, and DIY Culture
Warning: May void the warranty on a stale sex life. The punks and rebels of Maker culture have arrived to take sex apart and rewire it into thrilling new forms. These characters tamper when they’re not supposed to, kiss plastic, and involve soldering irons in their foreplay. In the process, they fight corruption, choose who and how to love and create erotic possibilities both playful and profound.

Incubus Tales: Chapter 1

Welcome to Incubus Tales: A Thousand Words by Hushicho. In Noctemberg, it is always night. Dhiar, proprietor and gay incubus, welcomes you to Phantasies, a very special shop. Sensuality is more than just Dhiar’s stock in trade, it is his raison d’être. NSFW.

A new chapter appears every Thursdays. This week is Chapter One.

1st Night—Dhiar est Amoureux

“Uhh! Yes! Yes!

The bedsprings made little sound, durably-crafted and well-maintained. They had to be; Incubi always demanded it. “A bad bed,” the saying amongst them went, “means never fed.”

Dhiar, the Incubus in question on this bed, was in fact enjoying quite a feast. An exceptional figure even for his kind, the form he had chosen was well-built and smooth, with hematite-black hair and eyes of deep, dark garnet.

As a demon, his skin always bore a sort of reddish tint to it. At this moment, however, the hint of pink had deepened to outright rose, his muscles gleaming with a sort of matte sheen as he thrust, again and again, into the other man on the bed. Continue reading Incubus Tales: Chapter 1

Erotica for Geeks